Fire Up Your Oven - Recap

Here is the recap for the April mega marathon themed Baking.

Week 1 - Simple Eggless Cakes without frosting/icing
Week 2 - Breads and Buns with Yeast
Week 3- Eggless Cookies
Week 4- Savory and miscellaneous Baking
Week 5- Cupcakes and Muffins,Brownie

Week 1 Eggless Cakes

Week 2 - Breads and Buns with Yeast

Day 5 - Ladi Pav

Day 6 - Crescent Rolls

Day 8 - Khaliat Nahal

Week 3- Eggless Cookies

Day 16 - Almond Biscotti

Week 4- Savory and miscellaneous Baking


love all your bakes,, bookmarked a few!!! beautiful clicks...

All your bakes were so good. Othe recap pictures all in one post look awesome.

You simply rocked Nalini, loved all ur beautiful bakes and enjoyed virtually..

Nalini this is mind blowing collection!..what a wonderful post..

Beautiful post with awesome collection.

Beautiful collection of bakes Nalini. Loved all your yummy bakes and your lovely clicks.

All your bakes and pictures were amazing

That is one array of lovely bakes. Enjoyed running marathon with you.

You did such a great job with all your bakes. Your recap pictures look great. I think I should clicks photos in this way when some event happen in my video animation agency

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