Potato Roast/Potato Fry ~ Vegan Thurday

Potato is one such versatile,kids friendly vegetable,my kiddo also loves potato like anything and I make atleast twice a week.
Today's recipe is a easy roast or fry can be made in a jiffy if the potatoes are boiled.This roast goes very with rice and rotis,now on to the recipe.............................


Potato4nos.(medium size)
Ginger&garlic paste1tsp
Red chilly powder/milagai podi 11/2tsp
Coriander powder/dhaniya podi 1/2tsp
Garam masala powder1/4tsp
Turmeric powder/manjal podi1/2tsp
Coriander leaves(chopped)2tbs
Saltto taste

For the tempering
Mustard seeds/kadugu1/2tsp
Asafoetida/perungayama pinch
Fennel seeds/sombu1/4tsp
curry leaves1sprig

  • Boil the potatoes in a pressure cooker for a whistle and peel the skin,cut into small chunks. 

  • Add the ginger&garlic paste,all the spice powders and salt to the cubed potatoes,mix it well with a tsp of water. 

  • Heat the pan with oil and crackle the mustard seeds,fennel seeds then add the asafoetida and curry leaves. 

  • Add the potato cubes and stir it for a while, keep it in a medium flame for 5 -7minutes or till it gets roasted with stirring in between to prevent burning. 

  • Finally add the chopped coriander leaves and turn off the flame. 

  • Simple yet delicious potato roast is ready. 

  • Serve it with dhal or rotis. 


Soya Chunks 65

Soya chunks is a great source of protein and I include in our diet in the form of either fry or kurma with it. But today for a change made soya chunks 65 for the meatless dishes for blogging marathon#31.It came out super delicious and we all enjoyed.
Here I made it with the mini chunks and marinated it for almost 2 hours,now off to the recipe.......



Soya Chunks/meal maker
Ginger&garlic paste 11/2tsp
Chilly powder11/4tsp
Green Chilly2(chopped)
Garam masala powder1/4tsp
Curry leaves2 sprigs
Corn flour2tbs
Red food colora pinch
Lemon juice1tsp
Coriander leavesto garnish
Oilfor frying
Saltto taste


  • Boil the soya chunks in the boiling water and rinse it couple of times,squeeze the water.
  • In a bowl mix the yogurt,lemon juice ginger &garlic paste,chilly powder and salt and mix it well.
  • To this add the boiled soya chunks,green chilly,curry leaves and  mix it well,keep it for 30 minutes to an hour.
  • After an hour add the corn flour and all purpose flour,give it a mix.
  • Fry it in the oil in a medium flame and drain it on a paper towel.
  • Serve it hot.


  • If you are using the big chunks cut into two and use it. 
  • Adding the color is purely optional. 
  • Rinse the soya chunks in the water to remove the smell. 

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Simple North Indian Thali-Virtual Birthday Treat for Manjula

Hello friends!!Today I am here with a simple North Indian Thali for a friend's Birthday who is a well known blogger.Yes its Manjula of  Desi Fiesta.
To celebrate her birthday we some of friends decided to to give a virtual party with Thali,here I made a simple North Indian Thali.
The thali consists of
1.Aloo Methi Paratha
2.Peas Pulao
3.Mixed vegetable Raita
4.Dhal fry
6.Dry Gulab jamun(store bought)
7.Apple milkshake with rose kulfi

Aloo Methi Paratha

Today I am sharing you the recipe for Aloo methi paratha and rest of the recipes will share later.Now off to the recipe..........


For the Paratha

Wheat flour2cups
Oil or ghee2tsp
Water to kneadas needed
For the Stuffing

Fenugreek leaves/methi leaves11/2cups
Potato(boiled and mashed)3(medium size)
Aamchur powder1/2tsp
Turmeric powder 1/8tsp
Green Chilly(chopped)2nos.
Coriander leaves(chopped)2tbs
Cumin seeds1tsp
Garam masala powder1/4tsp
Saltto taste
Oilas needed


  • Mix the ingredients given to make paratha in a wide bowl and mix well with water as needed to a soft dough and set it aside.Boil the potato in the pressure cooker and mash it or grate with carrot grater. 

  • Heat the pan with 2tsp of oil and crackle the cumin seeds then goes in the green chilly and grated ginger.
    Now add the methi leaves  and fry it for a minute mashed potato,give it a mix.

  • Then put in the chilly powder,turmeric powder,aamchur powder,garam masal powder and salt.Stir it well,let it cook for a minute or two.Finally add the coriander leaves and mix it well.

  • After cooling divide into equal portions and also divide the dough into equal portions.

  • Flatten the dough into 3' disc and keep the stuffing and seal it.Then roll into a paratha of desired thickness on a floured surface.

  • Cook it on a hot griddle both sides till it cooks and drizzle a tsp of oil or butter or ghee according to your preference.

  • Serve it raitha or pickle or curry of your choice.


  • Use of all purpose flour dusting helps to roll the paratha easily.
  • The potato needs to be mashed well and instead of chopped green chilly,chilly powder can be used.

Saiva Eeral Varuval/Vegetarian Liver Fry

For the day 2 of Blogging Marathon#31 under the theme meatless dishes I am sharing you all a vegetarian version of liver fry.
Goat liver fry is popular in some households and even in authentic non-vegetarian restaurant,but today,s recipe is a vegetarian version.Yes its a vegetarian even vegan version of liver fry,the ground  whole green gram/moong dhal is used here to make the liver.
We had this one in one of our relative house feast for the vegetarians and it was a huge hit and everybody liked it.Now off to the recipe.....................................


Whole mung beans/
1 cup(soaked)
Onion(finely chopped)1(medium size)
Tomato(finley chopped)1(medium size)
Turmeric powder1/4tsp
Curry leaves/karivepillai
5-6 leaves

Grind to a paste 

Garlic/poondu3 cloves
Ginger/inji1/2' piece
Fennel seeds/sombu1tsp
Roasted gram dhal/
Red chilly/varamilagai5-6
Black pepper/milagu1/2tsp

For the tempering

Cinnamon/pattai1/2' piece
Fennel seeds/sombu1/4tsp


  • Grind the soaked mung beans with 1/4tsp of salt to a fine paste with little water  in a blender and keep it aside. (should be in idly batter consistency)
  • Keep the idly steamer and grease the idly plate, pour the ground batter to each hole.Steam for it for 10 minutes or till it is cooked completely.Let it cool down,after cooling remove it and cut into small pieces,set it aside.
  • Meanwhile grind the given ingredients to a fine paste.
  • Heat the pan do the tempering,add the onion,curry leaves and saute it with a pinch of salt.Then add the tomatoes cook it til mushy.
  • Now add the ground paste,fry it till the raw smell goes off,rinse the mixie jar with 1/2 cup of water,salt and let it boil.Once the mixture becomes thick add the cut pieces and cook it for 2-3 minutes or till it becomes dry.Put off the fire.

  • Saiva eeral varuval is ready.Serve it with rasam and rice


  • Use the whole moong with the skin to get the color.
  • Remove the cooked moong idly from the idly plate after it cooled down completely.
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Vazhakkai Kola Urundai/Raw banana Koftas

For the 4th week of Blogging Marathon #31 I chose meatless dishes and will be posting meatless dishes for next two days.
Today's recipe is kola urundai/kofta made with raw banana,usually these type of koftas are made with minced chicken or mutton which is popular in Southern parts of Tamilnadu .
For the vegetarian version instead of meat,raw banana,elephant yam or potato even beet root is used, rest of the ingredients remains same.
This can be either served as a snack or an accompaniment for sambar rice or variety rice also.Sometimes the fried balls are soaked in Masala kulambhu and served like the mutton kola urundai kulambhu.Now on to the recipe.................


Raw banana/vazhakkai 1(medium size)
Roasted gram dhal/pottukadalai1/4cup
Red chilly/varamilagai5
Shallots/chinna vengayam4
Garlic/poondu2 cloves
Ginger/inji1/2' piece
Fennel seeds/sombu1tsp
Curry leaves/karivepillai1sprig
Coriander leaves/kothamalli1tbs(finely chopped)
Oilfor frying


  • Cook the raw banana in a boiling water till it becomes soft,and skin,grate it in a grater.Powder the roasted gram dhal and keep it aside.
  • In a mixie jar add grated coconut,onions,red chillies,ginger,garlic,fennel,curry leaves,and salt.Pulse it without adding water.Once the mixture becomes coarse, sprinkle some water and grind it now add the grated raw banana and grind it to a smooth paste.

  • Transfer it to a plate now, add the powdered dhal,chopped coriander leaves to  the batter, mix it well.

  • Now make small balls out of the batter and keep it ready.Fry the balls in the oil in a medium flame till it becomes crisp and brown.Take out from the oil and drain it in a paper towel.

  • Serve it as a snack or accompaniment.


  •  If the batter becomes watery add little more pottukadalai powder or besan.
  • Green chillies or red chilly powder can be used.
  • Oil should be in a medium flame,if the oil not hot enough the balls may separate,too hot means it changes color without cooking inside.
  • Don't make the balls too big,a gooseberry size is good enough otherwise it won't cook properly or chances are there for disintegrating in the oil.

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Karivepillai Podi/Curry leaves Podi

Karivepillai podi is one such flavorful podi my mom makes it often as we have a big tree in our backyard in India.
But here curry leaves are very expensive and never made this podi ,rarely I make curry leaves rice for lunch box.
Most of the time I get it from India  and keep it for couple of months.This time also I got it from India and before it finish off wanted to click and share it with you all.
As I was busy with my lil one,when my mom was making this one couldn't take the stepwise pictures.Will try to take the stepwise picture in my next trip and share you all ☺. Now off to the recipe.................


Curry leaves/Karivepillai2 cups(tightly packed)
Red chilly10-12
Channa dhal(kadalai paruppu)1/3cup
Urad dhal(ullutham paruppu)1/3cup
Coriander seeds/kothamalli 1tbs
Saltto taste


  • Wash the curry leaves and spread it on a paper towel or cotton towel.

  • Once all the moisture is absorbed dry roast in a pan till it becomes crisp and keep it aside.

  • Roast the red chillies, channa dhal,urad dhal in a medium flame to a golden brown color.

  • Finally add the asafoetida powder and put off the fire.Let it cool down.

  • Pulse the red chilly and dhal in a blender for a minute then add the curry leaves,salt and grind it to a coarse powder.

  • Store it in an air tight container.

  • Mix it with sesame oil and serve it with idly.


  • The amount of chilly can be adjusted according to the preference.
  • A tbs of sesame seeds can also be added for extra flavor,but needs to added before put off the fire.

Mini Raagi Adai/Mini Fingermillet Savory Pancake

For the final of Blogging Marathon #31 under the theme I made  savory adai/pancake with lentils and finger millet(raagi).
My mom makes this kind of adai for breakfast or evening snack with the leftover regular adai batter made for dinner or breakfast.
She mixes either wheat flour or raagi flour with the adai batter and makes mini adai or dosa.This adai doesn't need any accompaniment as it tastes good as such but I like to have it both coconut chutney and tomato chutney.
To make it more healthy you can add grated carrot,beetroot,coconut and chopped coriander or spinach to it.Here goes the recipe for healthy adai...............................


Boiled rice/idly rice
Pulungal arisi
Channa dha/kadla paruppu 1/4cup
Toor dhal/split pigeon peas
Thuvaram paruppu
Raagi flour/finger millet powder
Kelvaragu maavu
Red chilly/varamilagai5
Fennel seeds/sombhu1tsp
Asafoetida/perungayama pinch
Onion(chopped)1(medium size)
Curry leaves/karivepillaifew leaves
Coriander leaves/kothamalli2tbs(chopped)
Oil2tbs(for drizzling)


  • Soak the rice and dhal separately for 2-3 hours and grind it along with red chilly,ginger and fennel seeds to a coarse paste.

  • Transfer it to a bowl,to this add the raagi flour,salt and mix it well.

  • Heat a pan with a tsp of oil,once the pan becomes hot add the onion,grated coconut,chopped curry leaves,coriander leaves.Saute it with a pinch of salt till the onion becomes translucent.

  • Add it to the rice mixture and mix it till everything blends well.

  • Heat a griddle and pour a small ladle of batter on it to make 4 or 5 mini adai at a time  depending on the size of the griddle.

  • Drizzle some oil and cook it both the sides till becomes golden.Transfer to the plate.

  • Serve it with coconut chutney or tomato chutney.


  • Instead of onion finely chopped shallots can be used to make it more flavorful.
  • Wheat flour and raagi flour both can be mixed and made.
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Rose Kulfi

I had this rose kulfi few months back in a restaurant  buffet menu and my kiddo loves it a lot so I tried it out last week.As I have already posted Mango kulfi and Kesar pista kulfi which involves cooking and cooling.But today's version of kulfi doesn't have cooking process and I made it in a scratch.The kulfi came out very creamy and delicious and this goes for the Mini serving theme for Blogging Marathon#31.Now lets get into the recipe........................


Heavy Cream275ml
Condensed milk3/4cup
Whole milk/2% milk(chilled)11/2cup
Rose syrup(Rooh Afza)1/3cup
Cardamom powder/ellakai podi1/2tsp(optional)
Rose Essence1tsp

  • In a bowl beat the cream to a creamy consistency with a electric beater or whisher.(no need of peak consistency)

  • To this add the condensed milk,milk,rose syrup,essence and cardamom powder.Give it a nice mix.

  • Fill it in a kulfi or popsicle mould,cover it with the lid.

  • Keep it in the frezeer for atleast 8 hours or overnight or till it becomes firm.

  • Remove it from the mould by running under the warm water to loosen the kulfi,serve it immediately.


  • If you don't have popsicle mould  fill it in a condiment cup or paper cup and cover it with a foil after 2 hours of freezing insert the ice cream stick to it ad freeze it again.
  • The amount of sugar in the condensed milk is enough but if you want add some powdered sugar while mixing.
  • Here I used 2% milk and the low fat condensed milk.
  • Adding the cardamom powder is purely optional,I didn't use.
  • Coarsely powdered pistachios can be add while mixing for extra taste and texture. 

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Microwave Chocolate Cup/Mug Cake

For this month Blogging Marathon I chose the mini serving as of the theme and today's recipe is microwave cup cake.
This microwave chocolate cup cake is a real treat for sudden cake cravings for choco lovers,on top of its an eggless version.
The recipe I adapted from all recipes which is with one egg,I slightly tweaked the recipe to make it eggless.The cake came out super soft and moist and we enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
This cake can is originally made in a mug but today made it in the ramekin bowl and the recipe given is for one serving.Now off to the recipe..........


All purpose flour/maida31/2tbs
Olive oil2tbs
Unsweetened cocoa powder11/4tbs
Baking soda1/4tsp
Salta pinch
Vanilla essence2-3 drops
Milk 3tbs


In a bowl mix the flour and the dry ingredients,keep it aside.In another bowl or mug cream the butter and oil together.

Now add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and mix with the milk well.Make sure ther is no lumps.Now add the vanilla and give it a mix.Transfer to the ramekin bowl and keep in the microwave for 2 minutes or till its done.

Microwave chocolate mug cake is ready.

Serve it with vanilla ice cream or some caramel syrup.


  • The addition of vanilla is purely optional.
  • Do not cook it more than 2 minutes otherwise it may turn hard.
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