Microwave Chocolate Cup/Mug Cake

For this month Blogging Marathon I chose the mini serving as of the theme and today's recipe is microwave cup cake.
This microwave chocolate cup cake is a real treat for sudden cake cravings for choco lovers,on top of its an eggless version.
The recipe I adapted from all recipes which is with one egg,I slightly tweaked the recipe to make it eggless.The cake came out super soft and moist and we enjoyed with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.
This cake can is originally made in a mug but today made it in the ramekin bowl and the recipe given is for one serving.Now off to the recipe..........


All purpose flour/maida31/2tbs
Olive oil2tbs
Unsweetened cocoa powder11/4tbs
Baking soda1/4tsp
Salta pinch
Vanilla essence2-3 drops
Milk 3tbs


In a bowl mix the flour and the dry ingredients,keep it aside.In another bowl or mug cream the butter and oil together.

Now add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and mix with the milk well.Make sure ther is no lumps.Now add the vanilla and give it a mix.Transfer to the ramekin bowl and keep in the microwave for 2 minutes or till its done.

Microwave chocolate mug cake is ready.

Serve it with vanilla ice cream or some caramel syrup.


  • The addition of vanilla is purely optional.
  • Do not cook it more than 2 minutes otherwise it may turn hard.
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excellent, who can resists this beauty

lovely cake akka and want to finish off now

Looks delicious and irresistible!

super irresistable one aks... now u tempted me...;)

These mug cakes are so practical. .mix..bake and eat..wow and it gets over in minutes too..no second serving.:))

Prefect cake for sudden cravings, none can resist to them..

Mug cake looks so yummy and delicious :) tempting me !!

love this single serving chocolate cake to satisfy instant chocolate cravings...too tempting pics!

Looks super cute. Love these single serving recipes.

Love microwave cakes for their convenience.. Yours looks soft & yummy!!

This is surely a solution for those quick needs..looks yummy!

Looks soft n easy to make and eat..... good pic too..

Thats a lovely and easy recipe...wonderful

Perfect quick fix for a chocoholic

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