Gulab Jamun - My 200th Post

This is my 200th post and want to share our family's favorite sweet Gulab jamun.Before getting into the recipe I would like to thank ally readers and friends for the constant support and encouragement.
Originally gulab jamun is made with fresh khoya by condensing the milk to a solid consistency.After that a considerable amount of all purpose flour is mixed to form a soft dough.The dough is made into cute ball and deep fried in the ghee then dunked into cardamom or rose flavored sugar syrup.After soaking an hour or two delicious juicy gulab jamuns will be ready to dig in.It can be eaten as such or served it along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream to make it more tasty.
But these days so many ready made mix for gulab jamun is available in the market to make the job easier.I also used to buy the readily available mix till I met a friend 3years back.She made this yummy sweet in a scratch with the milk powder.When I asked for the recipe she humbly shared this recipe. Today I made this exotic sweet with the dry non fat milk powder and it came out very delicious and spongy.As I had to take the picture in the natural light I couldn't wait till the balls get soaked.After soaking for two hours the jamuns were almost double in size.Now on to the recipe.........................


Milk Powder1cup
All purpose flour/maida2tbs
Ghee/clarified butter/nei2tbs
Cooking Soda a generous pinch
Milk(to knead) as needed
Cardamom/ellaki powder1/2tsp
Oil/gheefor frying

                    Heat the sugar in a pan with 11/2 cups of water and stir it,keep in a medium flame till it becomes thick(no need of string consistency).Add the cardamom powder and keep it aside.
Take the milk powder,all purpose flour,ghee,cooking soda and mix it till crumbly.
Now slowly add the milk and knead it gently to a soft dough,keep it aside for 5 minutes.If it is too thick then add little more milk and knead it well.Pinch a small gooseberry size ball and roll into a smooth ball without giving too much of pressure.
Heat the pan with oil and gheein a medium flame and drop 6-7 and rotate the pan so that all sides of the ball gets cooked evenly.
Once it is cooked to golden brown color drain it  from the oil and drop it in the  sugar syrup.
Soak it in the sugar syrup frt atleast two hours.


  • If the dough is too thick the jamuns will be hard. 
  • While making the balls do not give too much of pressure to get the smooth finish. 
  • The oil should be in a low to medium flame otherwise the jamuns turn brown without cooking. 
  • Grease the palms to make the balls smooth without cracks.


Perfect jamuns! :) Congrats on your milestone and Happy Blogging!

congrats on your 200'th post and lovely dessert to celebrate the occasion... love your gorgeous clicks

Wowwwwwwww.. looks absolutely perfect and inviting.. awesome clicks too :)congrats on ur 200th post..

looks so delicious.. Congrats on 200th and all the best for many to come

congrats on ur 200'th post and jamuns r my fav too....Its raelly lovely dessert to 4 occasions... love your gorgeous clicks.

Congrats on your 200th post. Gulab jamuns look super.

Congrats dear on ur 200th post...jamun looks so delicious and lip-smacking....yummm

Congrats Nalini, jamuns look super delicious, beautiful clicks as usual..

Congrats dear...gulab jamun looks perfect and droolicious....super clicks...

congrats nalini.. wish you many more :) nice visual treat..

Perfectly done. am drooling here. Congrats gal. Keep going

Congrats on your 200th post, Nalini.. Yummy dessert to celebrate the occasion.. Lovely!!

Congrats Nalini for your 200th post....perfect colored gulab jamun..mouthwatering...

Congratulations Nalini! Wish u many more hundreds in future!Guland jamuns are our family fav too :) looks very delicious, lovely pics!

Congrats dear. Keep posting I will come and wish you on your 500th post. Jamun looks delicious.

congratulations!!!! wishing many more celebrations!!! Jamun looks so tempting!!!
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Congratulations Nalini on your 200th post..Gulab Jamun looks too good..very tempting

I tried to follow your steps in making gulab jamuns, it was soft and delicious. Your way of presentation is very simple and easy to follow.

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