Madras Mixture

Madras mixture is a crunchy snack with a combination of omapodi,boondhi,fried peanuts and cashews mixed together with other flavorful spices.I make this mixture for Diwali and here follows the recipe ....


Pottukadalai(fried gram dhal)1/2cup
Beaten rice(poha)1/2cup
Curry leaves2sprigs
Redchilly powder1tsp

For Omapodi and Sev
Rice flour2tbs
Saltto taste
Oilfor frying

For Boondhi
Rice flour1/2cup
Cooking sodaa pinch
Saltto taste
Oilfor frying

Omapodi and Sev

                      Mix in all the ingredients except oil and make a soft and stiff dough with water.Take the murukku press with the omapodi disc and fill it with the prepared dough.

Squeeze it in the hot oil and drain it on a paper towel.Once it becomes cold crumble it to small pieces.

For the sev use the murukku disc and squeeze it in hot oil for a single layer.Break into pieces with the ladle when it is half cooked to get a crunchy and crispy sev.Once its cooked crispy drain it on the paper towel.


                  Mix the beasn and rice flour with a pinch of cooking soda and salt.Make a dropping consistency batter with the water.Hold the boondhi ladle on top of the hot oil and pour the batter,tap it gently.The batter will start dropping into the oil and fry it crispy.Drain it on a paper towel.Boondhi is ready.

Fry the peanuts,cashews,pottukadalai and beaten rice in the oil separately and drain it.Finally fry the curry leaves.

Now put everything together in a big wide mouth bowl,sprinkle salt,chilly powder and asafoetida.Mix it well.Yummy and flavorful Madras mixture is ready.Store it in an air tight container.

Yummy and flavorful Madras mixture is ready.

  • Crushed garlic can be added for extra flavor.
  • Fried corn flakes,diamond cut biscuits,Potato chips can be added for extra richness and taste.
  • Instead of deep frying the peanuts and cashews,it can be fried separately in a pan with a tsp of oil.


Very nice Home-made Mixture.Luv it.Dear Blogger Friend,Wish U a Warm and Happy Diwali.Let the Day of Lights be celebrated with taste-filled delights,Safe and Delicious Memorable Moments - Regards, Christy Gerald

oops so so good.. i did not make omapodi n boondhi but still made mixture..i love this..Happy Diwali..

homemade mixture looks perfect n crispy...loved it...Happy diwali wishes to you n your family :)

i love mixtures..this looks so perfect, great that u made it at home..nice recipe dear..

Love to have this for tea time....Hats off to ur patience...

I am not sure what went wrong. my previous comment is not displayed!!! BTW, your mixture is really superb. you made it perfectly. I learn from you in future. Happy Diwali!!

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Crunchy munchy mixture...

Very delicious preparation.... First time here and you have a wonderful space. Wish you and your family a very happy and safe diwali.

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looks absolutely great dear..Happy Diwali to u n ur family :)

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