Surul Poli

Surul poli is a traditional and simple sweet which is easier to make with lesser ingredients.Surul means" roll" in Tamil, in which a stuffing made out of powdered coconut, roasted gram dhal and sugar, is rolled in a poli dipped in the sugar syrup.Here is the recipe.


Salta pinch
Cashews(roughly chopped) 1tbs
Almonds (roughly chopped) 4-5nos.
Saffron(optional)4-5 strands
Oilfor frying

For the stuffing
Roasted gram dhal 1cup
Dessicated cocconut1/2cup
Cardamom 4-5nos.


                   Mix the maida ,salt,ghee and knead to dough with water and keep aside.


Put the dhal,cardamom and sugar in a blender, grind it to a fine powder.Mix in the dessicated coconut and finely chopped cashews to it.The stuffing is ready.

Mix one cup of sugar with a cup of water,boil it till it becomes slightly thick(no need of string consistency)and add saffron(I didn't use) to it,set aside.

Divide the dough into small balls and roll out each ball to 6-7 inch diameter circle(like a poori) and keep it in a plate.Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the rolled out dough and drain it in a paper towel.Make sure it should not be crispy and continue for the remaining dough.

Take one fried poli,dip it in the sugar syrup and keep it in a plate.Sprinkle a spoonful of stuffing, roll it (as shown in the picture)and arrange it in a plate.

Garnish it with the chopped nuts.

  • The poli should not be fried too crispy,otherwise its difficult to roll.
  • The remained sugar syrup can be drizzled on the top of the poli.
  • Instead of dessicated coconut ,fresh grated coconut can be added,which needs to be sauted and used.
Sending this to Only-Sweets and Desserts event hosted by Gayathri Kumar.

Serve it series-Festival potluck.

My Diwali My Way event.

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Hi This surul pozhi luks yumm and delicious.super clicks.

wonderful polis .. looks so tempting ..........

This looks superb Nalini......& it's something new for me.....Bookmarked.

Looks delicious ....and yummy ...nice pic

Poli looks yummy .. different way of making it.

Event: Halloween Fiesta

I have never had this delicacy.Sounds so tempting gotta try this soon.Thank you dear for stopping by my space.

wow amazing recipe,love this poli...too gud!!!

Looks lovely and best suits for festivals.


wow...this is a new recipe for me. i never knew of surul poli....more or less similar to the jeera poli i hv posted sans the stuffing. Thanks for visiting my space and for your comments. I hv got linck to so many events from ur page...happy to follow u too...:-)

yummy polis and a new recipe to me, looks great dear..

This looks delicious Nalini; thankyou for visiting my blog.
Wish you a Happy Dusshera

tried them yesterday mam..very tasty ..thanks for sharing :)

i never knew of surul poli.. Interesting!!! looks yummy and delicious too .. tempting me!!!

Hi Nalini,

I'm new to your space.

Very nice to see your blog.

Great effort.

At your free time do visit my blog.

keep in touch Nalini ...

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