Omapodi is a simple snack,with the flavor of omam(carom seeds) which is one of my favorite.I like this omapodi which is available in a shop in my home town which is tasty and flavorful.Here is the recipe...


Kadalamaavu(besan) 11/2cups
Rice flour1/2cup
Red chilly powder1/2tsp
Omam(carom seeds/ajwain)2tsp
Turmeric powder1/2tsp
Cooking soda a pinch
Oilfor frying
Saltto taste


              Mix in all the ingredients except oil  and make it to a smooth,soft dough with water.Heat a pan with oil in a medium flame,take the murukku maker with the small hole disc and fill it with the prepared dough.

Squeeze it in the hot oil in a circular  manner for a single layer and fry it till the sizzling sound settles down.
Drain it in a paper towel and crumble it to small pieces.Store it in an air tight container.


  • This omapodi can be made without rice flour,it will be soft and crunchy.
  • Omam can be grind and added to the flou if the size of the hole in the disc is small.

Sending this My Diwali My Way and Festival Potluck.


wow fab sev,am craving for this now:)luks delicious...

Thanks Nalini for dropping by my space and leaving in ur feedback much appreciated....u have a wonderful space ...sev looks delicious and crispy v well explained :)

Mmm...these look so good. Liked your step wise pictures.

Very nicely made, really tempting.
Thanks for stopping by my space, following you :)

Delicious nd perfect sev...

One of my favorite the color and clicks....

lovely sev...perfect n crunchy...i use to do it in small holes to make thin omapodi :)

wonderful snack, crunchy and to munch these..

lovely crunchy snacks
do send it to the event
Event: Kerala Kitchen

I never thought of making these at home! :)

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