Adai is a protein packed dosa which is made out of lentils ,rice and other spices which can be eaten for breakfast or dinner.We call this one as orapadai(spicy adai) some call them as Vengaya adai(onion adai) since lots of onion is added.It is prepared for dinner on every other Saturday in my mom's place.Every house has their own way of making this one, especially the proportion of rice and dhal  used.My mom makes this one thin and uses less oil whereas in my MIL's house it is thick and  more oil is used to make it crisp.This is one of my family's all time favorite.Now off to the recipe......................


Idly rice 1cup
Raw rice 1cup
Channa dhal1/2cup
Toor dhal1/2cup
Urad dhal1tbs
Moong dhal1tbs
Onion4nos.(medium size)
Ginger1 inch piece
Red chilly10nos.
Fennel seeds(sombhu)1tbs
Curry leaves2sprigs
Coriander leaves(chopped)to garnish
Oilas needed
Saltto taste


                        Soak the rice and dhal separately for 2-3 hours.Grind the red chillies,sombhu,ginger and garlic with salt.To this add the rice and grind it to fine rava consistency.

Then grind the dhals to a coarse consistency and mix them together .Add in chopped onions,grated coconut,asafoetida,curry leaves and coriander leaves, mix it well and keep aside.

Adjust the consistency of the batter by adding water,it should not be too thin or too thick.Heat a griddle and pour a ladle full of batter and spread it little thick.Drizzle a tsp of oil and cook it till the color of the edge changes to golden brown.

Then flip it to other side, add another tsp of oil and cook it for minute or two.Take out from the griddle when both sides are cooked.

Enjoy it with coconut chutney or avial.

  • My mom adds drumstick leaves and sautes the onion and mixed in the batter which will be very tasty and flavorful.
  • Instead of grated coconut ,finely chopped coconut pieces can be added.
  • Using shallots makes this adai even more tasty. 

Sending this to Let's cook series #8 - Hibernative Foods.


    I prefer adais to dosa..and always try with different combination of daals...your adai has turned out great...and its always great to see step by step pics.

    wow my fav,love it with tempting clicks...

    Adais looks great... very healthy and wonderfully tasty..:) Loved the combo of ingredients..

    All time fav...
    looks delicious dear :)

    Adai Looks great. Love it.


    That's one filling breakfast ...looks yum

    lov the step by step pics.. adai looks perfectt :)

    what a lovely and healthy way to have breakfast, adai looks great n delicious..

    Healthy and protein rich breakfast Adai.Luks supergood in the click.Thanks for sharing.

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