Boondhi Ladoo

Boondhi ladoo is a delicious sweet which is made for special occasions such as diwali and other festivals.My mom makes excellent and perfect ladoos and here is the recipe...


Kadalamaavu(besan) 1cup
Rice flour2tsp
Cardamom powder1/2tsp
Cooking soda a pinch
Salta pinch
Food colors(green,red,orange)a pinch
Oilfor frying


                       Sieve the besan and mix it with salt,cooking soda and make a batter with water.The batter should not be too thin or too thick,should be in a dropping consistency.Divide the batter to three equal portions and mix each color in each divided portion.(its optional).

Heat a pan with oil in a medium heat and hold the boondi ladle and pour some batter and tap the ladle slightly.The batter will start dropping into the oil and fry it for a while,no need to get crispy.Drain it in a paper towel.Continue for the rest of the batter.

Mix the sugar with one cup of water and allow it to boil till it becomes thick should be half string consistency,and little sticky.Turn off the stove and let it becomes warm.Now add in the fried boondhi,fried cashews and cardamom powder,mix it well.Let it soak for 10-15 minutes.

Once all the syrup is absorbed by the boondhi,take a fistful of boondhi and press it gently,shape it to a round ball and arrange it in on a plate.

Ladoo is ready to enjoy.

  • Each time wipe the back of the boondhi ladle with a tissue paper or towel to get a perfect shape.
  • Cloves,melon seeds can be added for extra flavor and rich taste.
  • If the suar syrup consistency reached one string or more,add little hot water to adjust the consistency.


Omg!.Colourful Ladoos luk impressive and temptingly delicious.Luv it.

Tricolour ladoos......they are sooooo tempting ......Just wanna grab the whole platter. Great Job Nalini.

Tri color laddoo looks so good n tempting..,well explained n this is my upcoming list :)
Nice pictures!!

Colourful laddoo! You got boondhi's in perfect shape! :)

I love these colorful laddoos....looks delicious...why dnt u send it to the event

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wow they look so colorful and yummy!

Wow so so good very colorful..too good..

looks super inviting and colorful..

Boondi ladoo is my all time favorite. These look delicious!

omg dats a lot of effort appreciate it...thx

Mom loves boondi ladoo

wow tricolor laddoo looks yummy & tempting nalini

I love Boondhi Ladoo, its my fav...U have done an impressive job here...Loved it..
Thanks a lot for stopping by my space...following u frm now!


Boondi laddu is my all-time favourite sweet. This is too tempting for me.

Thank you for the wishes dear. You have a wonderful site here, can't believe I have never visited it before. I loved all the cookie recipes. :)

Colorful ladoo looks very yummy....

These are indeed perfect laddoos. I am sure they will taste yum!
Loved the way you taught us the recipe. :D

oooo always wondered how these were made....our fav ladoo! First time here....lovely collection of recipes!

Ladoo looks so colorful and perfect!

I love the colors! These look so great! Definitely worth the effort :)

Hi nalini.. thanks for visiting my blog..ladoo looks colorful and very neat presentation.. tempting me!!!

Wow.. colorful ladoos... looks yummy.. happy to follow you :)

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woww..amazing laddu..feeling like grabbing one..
happy to follow u..

would be glad if u follow back :)

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