Spicy Eggplant/Brinjal Fry

Today I am sharing you a spicy eggplant recipe which can be made in a jiffy,perfect with simple rasam and curd rice.
When I was casually talking to my sister over the phone,she was sharing a recipe that she watched on that day in a cookery show in T.V.This fry doesn't need any fancy ingredients and no chopping needed except the eggplants.So next day without any second thought I made this recipe,it came out very tasty and spicy.My husband who doesn't like eggplant also had this spicy fry with no complaints.Use the small tender eggplants to get cooked evenly,lets move on to the recipe..........


Small round eggplant/kathirikkai8
Red chilly/varamilagai5-7 nos.
Garlic/poondu 5 cloves(big)
Fennel seeds/sombhu2tsp
Turmeric powder1/2tsp
Curry leaves/karivepillai1sprig
Coriander leaves/kothamallifor garnishing
Cumin seeds/jeeragam1/4tsp

  • Grind the red chilly,garlic,fennel seeds,turmeric powder,salt to a thick fine paste with  water.Keep it aside.
  • Clean and remove the stalk of the eggplant and cut into half lengthwise.Then keep one side intact make four slits.Put the cut eggplants in water to prevent browning.
  • Heat a wide pan with oil and crackle the cumin seeds and toast the curry leaves.Now add the egg plants to it and saute with a pinch of salt.
  • Once the eggplants change the color and half done add the ground paste and fry it till the raw smell goes off.
  • Add a tbs of water and cook it covered in a medium flame till the eggplants get cooked.
  • Now remove the lid and cook it for couple of minutes,turn the eggplants carefully in between couple of times to get evenly roasted.Finally add the coriander leaves and mix it carefully.

  • Spicy,garlicky eggplant fry is ready.
  • Serve it with rasam or curd rice.

  • Serve it with rasam or curd rice.


    • The amount of red chillies given is for slightly spicier side,if you want you can reduce.
    • The garlic cloves,here I used is in bigger size so adjust according to the size.
    • Using a wide pan is easy to turn the eggplants and gets evenly roasted.
    • Care should taken after adding the eggplants,the oil splutter as the eggplants were in water.

    Vatha Kulambhu/Vatral Kulambhu

    This post has been lying in my draft since 7 months,finally I posted it today.Usually this kulambhu is made with sun dried berries such as black night shade and turkey berry or veggies which is called as vatral.This kulambhu is a one such authentic recipe tastes very well with piping hot rice along with some kootu and pappads.

    This is my mom's recipe and she always adds little coconut along with the spices while grinding for the kulambhu to get an extra taste and it can be made with out coconut also.

    Today's recipe is with the black night shade(manathathakkali vatral) and doesn't need onion and garlic also,here goes the recipe..............

    Tamarind/pulismall lemon size
    Vatral/manathathakkali vathal11/2tbs
    Red chilly/varamilagai2
    Turmeric powder1/2tsp
    Curry leaves/karivepillai1sprig
    Mustard seeds/kadugu1/2tsp
    Fenugreek seeds/vendhayam1/8tsp

    To roast and grind
    Toor dhal/thuvaram paruppu2tsp
    Black pepper/milagu11/2tsp
    Red chilly/varamilagai3
    Cumin seeds/jeeragam1/2tsp


    • Soak the tamarind in a cup of water and take the extract the juice.

    • Heat 1/2 tsp of oil and roast the given ingredients to a golden color,finally add the coconut and grind it to fine paste along with water after cooling.

    • To the tamarind extract add the ground paste,turmeric powder and salt,mix it well.

    • Heat the oil and splutter the mustard seeds,then add the fenugreek seeds and channa dhal,curry leaves.

    • Fry the vatral,red chillies and add the tamarind mixture,bring it to a boil.

    • Then simmer it for 10 -12 minutes or till it reaches a thick consistency.

    • Serve it with rice,kootu and pappad.


    • Instead of manathathakkali vatral,sunda vathal(turkey berry) can be used.
    • The addition of coconut is purely optional.
    • For instant version,sambhar powder can be used instead of the ground masala.

    Tomato Masala Kulambhu - Vegan Thursday

    Today I am sharing you all my mom's recipe with the tomatoes which is a tangy and flavorful kulambhu for Vegan Thursday.This kulambhu tastes good with steaming rice and it is slightly thicker one,little different from kurma.I personally prefer this one with the plain basmathi rice,now on to the recipe....................


    Onion(finely sliced )2(medium size)
    Tomato(chopped)3(large size)
    Garlic/poondu(thinly sliced5 cloves
    Green chilly5
    Chilly powder/milagai podi1tsp
    Coriander powder/dhania podi2 tsp
    Sambar powder1tsp
    Turmeric powder/manjal podi1/8tsp
    Coriander leaves(chopped)as needed

    Grind to a fine paste

    Fennel seeds/sombu1/2tsp

    For the seasoning

    Cinnamon/pattai1inch piece
    Star anise2 petals
    Bay leaves1
    Fennel seeds/sombu1/4tsp

    Grind the given ingredients to grind to a fine paste with water and keep it aside.
    Heat the pan with the oil,crackle the fennel seeds,then add the wholegaram masala.Add the curry leaves then saute the sliced onion,garlic and green chilly till transparent.

    Once the onion becomes transparent add the chopped tomatoes with a pinch of salt,cook it till mushy.

    Now add all the spice powder and fry it for a minute,add 1/2 cup of water.Let it boil till the raw smell disappears.

    Add the ground paste to it and add 1/2 cup of water,cook it till it becomes thick.Finally add the chopped coriander leaves and mix it well.

    Tomato Masala Kulambhu is ready.

    Serve it with white rice.


    • The kulambhu should be slightly in the thicker side not to be watery or thin.
    • Use well ripe tomatoes to get a nice color and taste.
    Anyone interested in joining us, please leave your email id in the comment section and we will contact you.

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    Chicken Curry - No Coconut Version

    Today's recipe is a simple chicken preparation which doesn't need marination and its a no coconut version.This curry tastes best with rice and paratha,roti.here I used the chicken thighs for this preparation ,can be made with whole chicken too.Lets get into the recipe...................


    Chicken(thighs cut into bite size)1lb(450 gms)
    Onion2(medium size)
    Green chilly3 nos.
    Red chilly powder11/4tsp
    Coriander powder2tsp
    Garam masala powder1/2tsp
    Turmeric powder1/2tsp
    Curry leaves/karivepillai1sprig
    Coriander leaves/kothamallifor garnishing
    Lemon juice2tsp

    To grind
    Shallots/chinna vengayam7nos.
    Garlic/poondu5 cloves(big)
    Ginger/inji1inch piece

    For the tempering

    Cinnamon/pattai 1inch piece
    Fennel seeds/sombu1/4tsp
    Star anise1petal


    • Grind the given ingredients to a smooth paste and keep it aside.Heat a pan with oil and crackle the fennel seeds,add the clove,cinnamon,star anise. 
    • Add the chopped onion,green chilly and curry leaves,saute till transparent.
    • Once the onion becomes transparent add the ground paste and saute till the raw smell goes away.
    • Now add the chicken pieces and saute till the chicken change its  color.
    • Add the chilly powder,coriander powder,turmeric powder and salt,mix it well.
    • Then add a cup of water and cook the chicken becomes soft and tender.
    • At this point add the garam masala powder,chopped coriander powder and cook it for a minute.
    • Finally add the lemon juice and put off the fire.
    • Serve it after two hours to get the flavors incorporate well.


    • Here I used chicken thighs,it can be made with boneless chicken also.
    • Instead of shallots,one small regular onion can be used.

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