Maida Biscuits

      Wishing You all Happy and prosperous Deepavali

Maida biscuit is one of my childhood favorite and we call this as chappathi biscuits since the dough is rolled into a chappathi and cut it to a desired shape.My mom makes this one for snack when we were kids and myself and my sister used to help to cut the biscuits in different shapes.This biscuits can be added to the mixture also.Here is the recipe...........


Baking sodaa generous pinch
All purpose flour/maida31/2-4cups
Oilfor frying


  • In a wide bowl take the butter,sugar,baking soda,sugar and rub it till it becomes creamy.
  • Now add the milk and mix it well,to this add the all purpose flour and knead it to a dough.
  • The kneaded dough should be in a poori dough consistency.Divide the dough into equal portions.
  • Roll the divided portion into a 1/4inch chappathi and cut it into diamond or square shape.
  • Spread the cut diamonds in a plate or paper and dry it for 5 minutes,then deep fry it in the oil in a medium flame till it becomes golden color.
  • Maida biscuit is ready.

  • The amount of maida given is approximate it can be added till the dough gets thick(for me it took 33/4 cups)
  • While frying in the oil turn one or two times only otherwise the biscuits will break.
  • The biscuit needs to be fried in a low to medium flame otherwise it will turn brown without cooking.
  • If the kneaded dough is not thick the biscuits will absorb more oil.
  • Instead of butter,vegetable shortening such as vanaspathi can also be used.The biscuits will not be crispy when it is hot but after cooling it will be crunchy and soft.


wow..looks yummy n wonderful clicks.. Wish you and family a very Happy and safe Diwali.

Maida biscuits look perfect and yummy....Happy Diwali to you too...:)

Nice :)
Following u

oh they are so cute!! so picture perfect!!
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This is my favorite! We didn't make this at home, yours look just like store-bought! Perfect!

Wish you n your family a very happy Deepavali!

looks so cute and interesting....

nice clicks dear.. happy diwali :)

Belated Diwali wishes Nalini !! Maida biscuits looks perfect, will try it sometime :)

Belated Diwali wishes .............

Belated diwali wishes to you and your family. Very addictive maida biscuits Nalini..How is your health,take enough rest dear.

I too love this a lot. u have made it perfect :)

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