Dish it out Event Announcement ~ Tomato and Garlic

Dish it out is the monthly event started by Vardhini and this month I am hosting the event.For this month event I chose Tomato and Garlic as the key ingredients.As these two ingredients are vastly used in our day to day cooking.So make recipes with these two ingredients and link your recipes before Dec.31 2013.

Here are the rules to participate in the event.

1. Make a dish using "Tomato and Garlic". Other ingredients can also be used but we should be able to taste the ingredients in the final dish.
2. Only vegetarian entries. Eggs are allowed in baking.
3. Use of logo is appreciated as it helps spread the word.
4. Link to  Dish it Out announcement page and my page is mandatory.
5. Archived entries are accepted as long as they are linked with both announcements.
6.The event runs from Dec 1st - Dec 31st.

Please link your entries in the Linky tool provided.

Thank you so much Vardhini for this opportunity to host this wonderful event.

Keerai Kootu - Version 2

I have already posted spinach kootu recipe with masoor dhal,we make spinach kootu with split mung beans(moon dhal).Last week when I chopped the spinach and other preparations to make kootu,then only realized that I ran out of  moong dhal.So without any second thought used whole mung beans and for my surprise the kootu turned out really very tasty.Here goes the recipe........................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time   ~ 25 minutes
Serves ~ 3


Whole mung beans/paasipayaru1/2cup
Spinach/keerai(finely chopped)21/2cups(tightly packed
Tomato(medium size)1
Turmeric powder/manjal podi1/8tsp
Saltto taste

Grind to fine paste
Cumin seeds/jeeragam1/2tsp
Red chilly/varamilgai2
Shallots/chinna vengayam3

For tempering

Mustard seeds/kadugu1/2tsp
Urad dhal/uluthamparuppu1tsp
Cumin seeds/jeeragam1/4tsp
Asafoetida/perungayama pinch
Red chilly(broken)1


Wash the mung beans couple of times in water and cook it in a pressure cooker for 5-6 whistles with enough water.After the pressure subsides mash it and to this add the chopped spinach,turmeric powder and tomato,cook it for a whistle.

Meanwhile grind the given ingredients to a fine paste with water as needed.

After the pressure settles open the lid,add the ground paste and salt to it.Let it boil for 3-4 minutes.

Now in a separate pan heat a oil and do the tempering and add it to the kootu,mix it well and put off the fire.

Spinach Kootu is ready.Serve it with rice or roti.


  • The addition of shallots is purely optional,any variety of spinach can be used.
  • The red chillies can be increased or decreased to personal preference.

This recipe is off to Vegan Thursday event started by Priya of Priya's Versatile Recipes.

Moong Dhal and Spinach Paratha

For the third day of mess free lunch box in Blogging Marathon #35 I am sharing a paratha with moong dhal and spinach.This doesn't need any side accompaniment,with simple pickle,curd and ketchup taste good with this one.I make the paratha slightly smaller in size as it fits to my kiddo's lunch box.Off to the recipe...........

Basic Information

Soaking time ~ 30 minutes
Preparation Time ~ 15 minutes
Cooking time ~ 15 minutes
Makes ~ 6-7


Wheat Flour/gothumai maavu11/2cups
Moong dhal/paasiparuppu2 tbs
Spinach/palak(finely chopped)1/2cup
Aamchur powder1/2tsp
Garam masala powder1/2tsp
Red chilly powder/milagai podi1/4tsp
Turmeric powder/manjal podi1/8tsp
Saltto taste
Oil(for frying the paratha)11/2tbs


Soak the moong dhal in water for 30 minutes and drain the excess water.
Mix everything together and add 2 tbs of oil,mix it well.Make a dough by adding little by little of water and the dough should be stiff,keep it aside for 10 minutes.

Divide the dough into equal balls and roll it gently to a paratha by dusting the flour.Cook it in a griddle both sides by adding few drops of oil till golden.

Paratha is ready


  • Instead of spinach,methi leaves or coriander leaves can be used.
  • Here I used the chilly powder,it can be substituted with finely chopped green chilly.
  • When ever I make for my kiddos's lunch box in the morning I soak the moong dhal previous night and keep it in refrigerator.

Check out my fellow bloggers participate in Blogging Marathon#34.

VadagaThogayal/Vengaya Vadaga Thogayal ~Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday

Vengaya vadagam aka thalippu vadagam is made in our households at the time of summer and in some house holds the same vadagam is made at the time of time of wedding called as Kalyana vadagam.
This vadagam is a dried version of shallots and spices which is used for tempering in karakulambhu,fish kulambhu.
Chutney made with this vadagam tastes delicious with idly and dosa.In our household this chutney is made for baby shower feast to accompany the rice varieties as it tastes good for the expecting mom taste buds.Now off to the recipe.......................

Basic information

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 5 minutes
Serves ~ 2


Red chilly/varamilagai4-5
Tamarind/pulismall gooseberry
Shallots/chinna vengayam4-5
Oil2 tsp


Heat a tsp of oil in a pan,fry the red chilly and vadagam in a medium flame,remove it.Then heat another tsp of oil saute the shallots then goes in the grated coconut.Fry it for 30 seconds,put off the flame.Let it cool down.

To a blender jar add the red chilly,shallots,coconut,tamarind and salt,blend it to a coarse paste.Now add the fried vadagam and grind it to bit coarse paste with water as needed.

Simple yet flavorful chutney is ready.Serve it with fluffy idly.

  • Do not too much vadagam otherwise the chutney will turn bitter.
  • The vadagam needs to be fried in a medium flame otherwise that also tends to give a bitter taste.
  • The amount of tamarind makes the chutney delicious and perfect,so adjust accordingly.
  • My mom adds a tsp of sesame oil to this chutney while serving.

This recipe is off to Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday Event.

Ragi(Kelvaragu) Cookies/Finger millet Almond Cookies

Coming to second day of blogging marathon#34,made ragi cookies for the snack box from Cook like Priya blog.She made the cookies only with ragi/fingermillet flour,I added1/4 cup of whole wheat flour and used confectioney sugar.The cookies came out crispy and crunchy,my lil one also enjoyed the cookies a lot.With no further delay lets move to the recipe...........

Basic Information

PreparationTime ~ 15 minutes
Baking Time ~  15 minutes
Makes ~ 15 cookies


Finger millet flour/kelvaragu maavu3/4 cup
Wheat flour/gothumai maavu1/4 cup
Confectionery  Sugar1/2cup
Powdered almonds1/2cup
Melted butter/vennai1/2 cup+1tbs
Baking Powder1/2tsp
Baking sodaa pinch
Nuts for toppingas needed
Vanilla essencefew drops


Dry roast the ragi/finger millet flour in a medium flame for 2 minutes without changing the color.In a mixing bowl add the all dry ingredients and mix it well.To this add the melted butter and vanilla essence.Mix it well with a spatula and make a dough.

Take a tbs of prepared dough and smooth in to a ball and flatten it,press the nut on top it and arrange it on a baking tray.Bake it in 375 F pre-heated oven for 10 - 15 minutes(mine took 13 minutes).

Cool it on a wire rack and store it in an air tight container.


  • For the almond powder,I coarsely blend the silvered almonds in a blender.If you want you can use the store bought almond powder.
  • Don't melt the butter in the flame for a long time,it should not become ghee.
  • Instead of vanilla,cardamon powder can also be used.
  • Initially the dough may be crumbly while mixing, it will be like a dough its kneaded.If its too dry then add couple of tsp of milk and mix it well.

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Macaroni Upma/Pasta Upma

Upma is always a big no in my house but this one and the idly upma is exceptional.My son who is a picky eater and doesn't like to take Indian lunch box dishes likes this fusion upma.As he prefers pasta without cheese and pasta sauce I make masala pasta and upma once in a while for his lunch box.
Coming to the recipe,I exactly followed the rava upma recipe,instead I used the elbow shaped pasta.
This recipe is off to Blogging Marathon #34 under the theme mess free lunch box.Here is the recipe............................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking Time      ~25 minutes
Serves ~ 2


Macaroni/pasta(elbow shaped)11/4cups
Onion(chopped)1(medium size)
Tomato(finely chopped)1(medium size)
Green Chilly(slit into two)2
Curry leaves/karivepillai5-6 leaves
Coriander leaves/kothamalli1tbs(chopped)
Red chilly powder/milagai podi1/4tsp
Tomato Ketchup1tbs(optional)
Saltto taste

For Tempering
Mustard seeds/kadugu1/2tsp
Uad dhal/ulutham paruppu1tsp
Channa dhal/kadalaparuppu1/2tsp
Asafoetida/prungayama pinch


Cook the pasta in a boiling water as per the instructions,drain the excess water and keep it aside.
Heat the pan with oil and do the tempering with the ingredients given,add the broken cashews,fry it.Then goes in the chopped onion,green chilly,and curry leaves.Saute it with a pinch of salt till transparent.Add the tomato and cook it for a minute,add the chilly powder and give it a mix.

Add in the cooked pasta and mix it well and cook it for a minute.Once everything is blends well add the tomato ketchup and mix it well.Finally add the chopped coriander leaves and mix it well.

Macaroni Upma is ready.


  • Mixed veggies such as chopped carrot,beans and peas can also be added.
  • Use of smaller size or shape pasta suits best for this recipe.
  • Adding the tomato ketchup is purely optional but gives a nice tangy taste.

Check out my fellow bloggers participate in Blogging Marathon#34.

Rajma Curry/Kidney Beans Curry

Today's recipe is an easy to make rajma curry,hardly takes 30 minutes to cook in the pressure cooker if the rajma is soaked.The recipe I adapted from the booklet which comes with the pressure cooker.This recipe doesn't need any fancy ingredients and tastes delicious with both roti and rice.Now off the recipe.............................

Basic Information

Soaking time ~ 5 hours
Preparation Time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 25 minutes
Serves ~ 2


Rajma/Kidney beans1/2 cup
Channa dhal/kadala paruppu1/4 cup
Onion(finely chopped)1no.(large size)
Green chilly(slit into two)3
Ginger&garlic paste2 tsp
Tomato(finely chopped)2(medium size)
Coriander leaves/kothamallias needed(chopped)
Cumin seeds/jeeragam1/4tsp
Bay leaf1
Chilly powder/milagai podi11/4tsp
Garam masala powder1/4tsp


Soak the rajma in water for atleast 5 hours,after soaking rinse it with water for couple of times,set it aside.
Heat a pressure cooker or pan with the oil,crackle the cumin seeds add in the bay leaf,follows the green chilly.Add in the chopped onion and saute it with a pinch of salt,then goes in the ginger&garlic paste.Fry it for a minute or two till the raw smell goes off.

Add the chopped tomatoes and cook it until mushy,now add the chilly powder.Now add the rajma and give it a mix.

Add around 11/2-13/4 cups of water.Add in the salt,bring it to boil.Put the lid and pressure cook it for a whistle then reduce the flame and keep it in a low to medium flame for 5-7 minutes.Put off the fire.Remove the lid once the pressure subsides.Now turn the stove on,slightly mash some the rajma with the ladle and let it boil for 2 minutes or till it becomes thick.Finally sprinkle the garam masala power and chopped coriander leaves.

Rajma curry is ready,serve it roti or rice.


  • The curry becomes thick on cooling,so adjust the consistency accordingly.
  • A tbs of fresh can be added in the end for extra rich taste.
  • Here I  finely chopped the tomatoes,if you want you can puree the tomatoes and used.
This is off to Cooking from Cook Book Challenge November week 4.

Cauliflower Curry (Dry Version)

Today's recipe is a dry version of cauliflower curry goes very well with rice and roti.My mom uses green peas along with the cauliflower,but I used channa dhal.It came out so delicious and had it with sambar rice.Off to the recipe....................

Basic Information

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 30 minutes
Serves ~ 3-4


Cauliflower florets21/2 cups
Channa dhal/kadala paruppu1/4 cup
Onion(finely chopped)1no.(medium size)
Green chilly(slit into two)2
Curry leaves/karivepillai6-7 leaves
Coriander leaves/kothamallias needed(chopped)
Fennel seeds/sombhu1/4tsp
Bay leaf1
Chilly powder/milagai podi1/2tsp
Corianderpowder/dhaniya podi1tsp
Turmeric powder/manjal podi1/4tsp

Grind to a fine paste

Tomato1no.(small size_
Fennel seeds/sombhu1tsp
Ginger/inji1/2inch piece
Garlic/poondu2-3 cloves
Cinnamon1/2inch piece


Cook the channa dhal in a pressure cooker for two whistles,put the cauliflower florets in hot water with a pinch of salt and turmeric powder.Cook it till it is 3/4 th done.Drain the water and set it aside.
Grind the ingredients given to a fine paste and keep it.

Heat a pan with oil and crackel the fennel seeds and add the bay leaf,saute the onion,green chilly and curry leaves.Add in the ground paste and fry it till the raw smell goes off.Now add 3/4 cup of water.

Let it boil,once the mixture becomes thick add the cooked cauliflower and channa dal.Mix it well and keep it in a medium flame and stir it in between.Finally sprinkle the coriander leaves and put of the fire.

Cauliflower curry is ready.Serve it with rice or roti.


  • After adding the ground paste fry it in a medium to low flame for 2-3 minutes otherwise the raw smell of ginger and garlic will be there.
  • Instead of red chilly powder 2-3 dried red chillies can be added while grinding.
  • Green peas can be used instead of channa dhal,if it is fresh peas then cook it microwave for 3-4 minutes and add.

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