VadagaThogayal/Vengaya Vadaga Thogayal ~Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday

Vengaya vadagam aka thalippu vadagam is made in our households at the time of summer and in some house holds the same vadagam is made at the time of time of wedding called as Kalyana vadagam.
This vadagam is a dried version of shallots and spices which is used for tempering in karakulambhu,fish kulambhu.
Chutney made with this vadagam tastes delicious with idly and dosa.In our household this chutney is made for baby shower feast to accompany the rice varieties as it tastes good for the expecting mom taste buds.Now off to the recipe.......................

Basic information

Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking time ~ 5 minutes
Serves ~ 2


Red chilly/varamilagai4-5
Tamarind/pulismall gooseberry
Shallots/chinna vengayam4-5
Oil2 tsp


Heat a tsp of oil in a pan,fry the red chilly and vadagam in a medium flame,remove it.Then heat another tsp of oil saute the shallots then goes in the grated coconut.Fry it for 30 seconds,put off the flame.Let it cool down.

To a blender jar add the red chilly,shallots,coconut,tamarind and salt,blend it to a coarse paste.Now add the fried vadagam and grind it to bit coarse paste with water as needed.

Simple yet flavorful chutney is ready.Serve it with fluffy idly.

  • Do not too much vadagam otherwise the chutney will turn bitter.
  • The vadagam needs to be fried in a medium flame otherwise that also tends to give a bitter taste.
  • The amount of tamarind makes the chutney delicious and perfect,so adjust accordingly.
  • My mom adds a tsp of sesame oil to this chutney while serving.

This recipe is off to Tamizhar Samayal Tuesday Event.


different and a must try thovaiyal

thats an very unique chutney :) looks super inviting and yummy !!

delicious thogayal using vadagam, love it!!!

Delicious and lovely looking thogayal. Excellent preparation.

love the clicks.. very falvourful thogayal

i love this chutney with steamed rice..

Dilicious dip Nalini. New to me. Bookmarked it.

Delicious thoyagal :) love the flavors dear and sorry could not take part today...

Thogayal sounds flavorful and yummy, perfect with hot plain rice..i too got the vadagam recipe from mom will try it next summer...

Fingerlicking thogayal, can have it with anything..

Delicious Thogayal and lovely pic

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