Rice Pakoda/Pakora

The weather here is getting cold all of a sudden and craving for some crispy snacks along with tea.When I checked my fridge I had some left over cauliflower florets some cooked rice then immediately got the idea of making this soft crispy pakodas when my mom made once.
This pakoda is bit crispy outer and soft inside and it tastes great when its served hot along with a cup of tea.Try this yummy and instant pakodas for snack time,now off to the recipe........................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking Time     ~ 15 minutes
Serves ~ 2


Cooked rice/sadham3/4cup
Gram flour/kadalamaavu1/2cup
Corn flour1tbs
Onion(finely chopped)1(medium size)
Potato(finely sliced)1(small size)
Garlic/poondu3 cloves
Green chilly/pachamilgai4-5(cut into strips)
Ginger/inji1/2' piece
Fennel seeds/sombu1/2tsp
Turmeric powder1/8tsp
Curry leaves/karivepillai 1 sprig
Coriander leaves/kothamalli1tbs(chopped)
Saltto taste
Oilfor frying


In a mortar pound the fennel seeds,ginger and garlic to a coarse paste,set it aside.Heat the oil in the frying pan and keep it in a medium flame.
Take the cooked rice in a bowl and slightly mash it,to this add the gram flour,corn flour and a tsp of hot oil.To this add everything except oil and mix it well without adding any water.The moisture in the onion and rice will be enough.

Take a handful of mixed dough and sprinkle in the hot oil,cook it in a medium flame till it becomes crisp and golden.Remove it from the oil and drain it on a paper towel.Continue for the rest of the dough.

Crispy pakoda is ready.

Serve it hot along with ketchup and tea.


  • Veggies such a finely chopped cabbage,capsicum,carrot can also be used.
  • This pakoda tastes cripsy and delicious when it is served immediately.
  • A pinch of cooking soda can also be added.
This recipe is off to SYS.W October 2013 event started by Viji of Virunthunna Vaanga.For more details about the event please check in FB Page.


Crispy pakodas, very interesting and a prefect evening snack.

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