Spinach and Paneer/Palak Paneer Stuffed Paratha-Easy Kid's Lunch box Recipe

Today is the first day of Blogging Marathon #24 for week 4 and the theme I chose is Kids Lunch Box recipe.Being a mom of 7 years old picky eater,packing a nutritious lunch box which suits for his taste buds is really challenging for me.He always wants his lunch box to be mess free and it should be a fusion recipe.
Recently found out he has a liking towards paneer and spinach stuffed samosas,so wanted to try this combo.One such thing he loves to take for lunch box is stuffed paratha smeared with tomato ketchup.So I experimented the stuffing with his favorite paratha and the end result was a super hit.He surprised me with an empty lunch box and said that it was so delicious.Here goes the recipe...............  


For the outer covering
Wheat flour2cups
Water to knead
Oil or ghee for brushing the parathas
For the stuffing
Spinach/palak(finely chopped)2cups (tightly packed)
Red chilly powder1/2tsp
Garam masala powder1/4tsp
Cumin seeds/jeeragam1/2tsp
Aamchur powder1tsp
Turmeric powder/manjal podi1/2tsp
Coriander leaves/cilantro2tbs(finely chopped)
Saltto taste


  • Mix in wheat flour,salt and oil in a bowl,slowly add the water and knead into a stiff dough.Cover the dough and let it rest for 30 minutes.
  • Meanwhile prepare the stuffing,heat a skillet with oil and crackle the cumin seeds,add the grated ginger and add the finely chopped spinach and saute it for a minute.Drain the excess water in the cooking process. Now add the powders,salt and mix it well so that everything gets blend and cook it for a minute or two.
  • Finally add the paneer and coriander leaves and put off the flame.Set it aside,let it cool completely.
  • After cooling divide into equal portions and also divide the dough into equal portions.
  • Flatten the dough into 3' disc and keep the stuffing and seal it.On a floured surface roll it into 6-7 inch paratha of desired thickness.
  • Cook it on a hot griddle both sides till golden color and spots appear,brush it with oil or butter or ghee according to your preference.
  • Serve it raitha,pickle,ketchup or curry of your choice.


  • Do not cook the stuffing for a long time after adding the paneer.
  • It is necessary to drain the water while cooking the spinach otherwise the stuffing would be watery.
  • If the stuffing is watery add a tbs of thin poha(rice flakes) to absorb the moisture.
  • Try to use the fresh spinach as the frozen spinach tends to leave lot of water.
  • As I made it for my kid,didn't use green chillies if you want you can add finley chopped chilly along with ginger.
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healthy lunch box item.. Yummy

Palak n paneer, very delicious combo n innovative too...paratha looks so yummy n colorful! Good one Nalini!!

what lovely and yummy parathas:)
Love the pictures!!

Very healthy meal... such delicious combo of Paneer and Palak!!!
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Thats a mindblowing stuffing,healthy and definitely my kind of parathas.

loved the pics, Nalini.. esp the ones against the dark wooden board..

Sizzling Tastebuds
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healthy and delicious combo :)

super tempting and inviting

i have tried paneer paratha but i never tried it with spinach in it..sure i will try..

Very yummy parathas! Kids would love this combo.

Nutritious ones and besides, the kid loves it. What else can you ask? :)

Cool. Will pack this for my daughter.

Very healthy paratha.My lil one will love this one...

healthy and yummy looking paratha

What a healthy and delicious paratha. Lovely presentation.

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palak paneer is my favorite. but i never tried paratha of palak paneer. thanks for sharing the recipe. i'm gonna try it tonigght.

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