Egg Fry/Egg Roast/Kaara Muttai

Egg fry is an easy to make yet delicious one which goes very well from simple dhal,rasam to biriyani and pulao varieties.This one can be made in a jiffy with the readily available ingredients and today used  little of ginger&garlic paste for added flavor.Here goes the recipe........................


Boiled Egg3
Red chilly powder1/2tsp
Ginger&garlic paste 1/4tsp
Turmeric powder1/4tsp


Remove the shell from the boiled egg and halved it with a sharp knife,keep it aside.In a small mixing all the ingredients except oil with a tsp of water.Generously apply the mixture on both sides of the egg and set it aside.

Heat wide pan in a stove with the oil and keep 3-4 pieces and cook it in a medium flame till both sides get cooked.After its cooked remove it and serve it.

Serve it with rasam rice or biriyani.


  • As I used ginger&garlic paste,didn't use garam masala powder or else garama masal powder can be used.
  • Cook it in a medium flame otherwise it tends to burn easily.
  • The amount of chilly powder given is for medium spice,it can be increased or decreased to personal preference.


Who can resist to this egg fry, i do this often when ever i feel like having egg roast, beautiful presentation Nalini.

Simple and delicious egg fry.

love this spicy n yummy egg fry...i love it with pulao/biryani...looks so yummy, lovely presentation Nalini!

Egg in any form is our family's fav.loved it.

lovely fry akka first time here.happy to follow you.

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