Eggless Brownies /Eggless Buttermilk Brownies

Mega marathon under the theme baking is come to an end and today is the final day for this edition.
One month has passed just like that and I thoroughly enjoyed this edition so much.Many more new recipes and my bookmark folder is loaded with lots of recipes.
Since I started baking from December not much of tension,almost 20 bakes were ready before the edition started.
I wanted to finish off this edition with a sweet note,so sharing you a fabulous brownie topped with chocolate frosting.
The brownie tastes heavenly,when it is served along with a scoop of icecream of your choice.I adapted the recipe from here.Everybody enjoyed these brownie in my house with the icecream.My lil one enjoyed it and licked the chocolate frosting while clicking itself.Try these simple brownie and enjoy it.Off to the recipe....................................................

                                                                                                 Eggless Brownies

   Basic Information
   Preparation time ~ 15-20 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 20-25 minutes
   Makes ~ 9-12 slices


All purpose flour/maida
1 cup
Cocoa powder
4 tbs
Baking powder
1 tsp
Baking soda
a generous pinch
Salta pinch
Sugar3/4 cup
Butter(room temperature)2 tbs
Olive oil or any neutral oil4 tbs
White Vinegar1 tsp
Milk1 cup
Vanilla1 tsp
Cashews and almonds1/4 cup(chopped)

  For the Frosting

2 tbs
Cocoa powder
2-3 tbs
Confectionery sugar
1/2 cup
few drops
1 tbs

  • Take all purpose flour,baking soda,cocoa powder,mix it well and sieve it for couple of times.Add the vinegar to the milk and let it curdle.Line the tray with the parchment paper and keep it aside.Preheat the oven in 350 F.
  •  Now in a bowl take the butter,oil and sugar,whisk in an electric hand blender or whisker until it becomes creamy and smooth.Add in the vanilla and milk mixture.
  • Add in the flour and mix it with a spatula or spoon.Add in the chopped almonds and fold in.
  • Transfer the batter to the lined baking tray and bake it in the preheated oven for 25-27 minutes or a toothpick comes out clean.Remove it from the oven and cool it on a wire rack.
  • Meanwhile whisk the butter for the frosting with the electric blender and slowly add the powdered sugar,cocoa powder and milk.Keep whisking till everything blends well.Add the vanilla and mix it well.
  • After cooling slice the the brownies and pour the frosting on the top of the sliced brownies.Top it with some chopped nuts.
  • Serve it a dollop of icecream.

  • The milk and butter should be in the room temperature.
  • The amount of sugar given is for a perfect sweet,if you are not frosting then it can be increased.
  • Instead of milk and vinegar,buttermilk can be used.
  • Nuts of your choice can be used,I used chopped cashews and almonds.



Great way to end the marathon.... Very tempting brownies...

Ice cream and brownie is a summer afternoon favorite. Nice recipe to end the marathon.

Brownie with chocolate frosting looks sinful.. And with a scoop of icecream is very tempting.

Sweet way to end the marathon Loved all your bakes this marathon.

That last click is torturing me Nalini, brownie with icecream who will say no.. Rocking dessert..

Perfect way to end the marathon. Amazing brownies They look so gooey and the vanilla ice cream takes them to another level.
I agree if we plan the marathon becomes easy and relaxing.

What a lovely way to end the marathon..enjoyed all your bakes Nalini..your styling and pictures are such grand sight!

I havent tried brownies at all in this BM.. should give it a try soon

Super sweet way to end the marathon Nalini. Those brownies look amazing and with ice cream they must have tasted divine.

Ooh! These look AMAZING! pass me some..

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