Eggless Marble Bundt Cake

For the day 2 of Blogging Marathon #51 under the eggless cakes theme,I am sharing you a simple marble cake made in a bundt pan.As I wanted to share simple and easy to make cakes for the theme I chose this marble cake.
I made this cake for the first and it came out very soft and moist.In the original recipe it was made in the bundt pan so I too wanted to try in that pan instead of loaf or round pan.But unfortunately the pan I used is slightly bigger so the height of the cake was not as expected as the original recipe.
The original recipe is with butter but here I used around 2 tbs of oil and substituted the milk powder with the sweetened condensed milk.
I used cocoa powder for little amount of batter,if you want you can use of for half of the batter.Lets move on to the recipe.........................

                                                                                   Eggless  Marble Bundt Cake

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 30-40 minutes
   Makes ~ 8' bundt cake


All purpose flour
11/4 cups
Olive oil or any neutral oil 
2 tbs
Sweetened condensed milk
2 tbs
Baking powder
11/4 tsp
Baking soda
a pinch
Butter/vennai6 tbs
Salta pinch
Sugar3/4 cup
Milk3/4 cup
Vanilla1 tsp
Cocoa powder11/2-2 tbs
Hot water2 tbs

  • Take all purpose flour,baking soda,powder,mix it well and sieve it for couple of times.Grease the baking pan with baking spray or oil and dust some flour.Keep it aside.Pre heat the oven in 350 F.Mix the cocoa powder with hot water and mix it well.Keep it aside and let it come to room temperature.
  •  Now in a bowl take the condensed milk,oil,butter and sugar,whisk in an electric hand blender or whisker until it becomes creamy and smooth.Now in batches add in flour.

  • Add milk and mix the batter with a spatulaIf the batter is too thick add in little more milk.Take 2-3 spatula of batter and mix it well with the cocoa mixture.

  • Now to the rest of batter add in the vanilla and mix it well.Now add a layer of vanilla batter one layer to the pan and the a layer of cocoa batter.Alternate it with the rest of the batter.

  • Now with the help of butter knife slowly swirl the top of the batter.Do not mix it to much otherwise it will end up in a light brown cake.Bake it in the pre-heated oven for 35-40 minutes or until a tooth pick inserted comes out clean (mine took 40 minutes).After couple of minutes invert the cake to a wire rack.Let it cool completely.

  • After cooling slice it and store it in a container.Dust it with some powdered sugar or cocoa powder and serve it.

  • The milk should be in the room temperature or slightly warm.
  • Sieve the flour for couple of times,its necessary to get a nice texture.
  • If the condensed milk is refrigerated,let it come to room temperature and use it .
  • Addition of oil gives a nice and fluffy texture as well as the cake will be light.



super yummy and soft cake love the texture

Nalini :) i simply loved the cake that too in bundt pan :) i will definitely try too good

Simple and elegant cake.. Nice marble effect.. And the second pic is awesome..

perfectly made.. I like the cross sectional cut-- looks so decadent.. My bundt pan is waiting to be used up :-))

Crust and crumb is beautiful. I really like the shape of your bundt pan. This has inspired me to use mine again.

Ahhh that motion shot, oh love it girl!! I remember the one i did last BM !! Thanks for the inspiration, will try one again!!
coming tonyhe bundt, kozhuku mozhuku-nu super!!!
absolutely tempting, delicious, droolicious!!

what lovely pictures...loves the bundt cake idea for marble more words

Love that texture and the pattern of the marble cake.

I just looking at that first picture like that marble effect looks so soft

Though the pan was big, cake turned out beautiful. The cake has nice texture and a lovely marble pattern.

My son and some of his friends love marble cakes. Its the best of both worlds for them :-). The pictures are amazing and I loved the last shot with the sugar being sprinkled on. Lovely!

Looks soft and love the sugar coat on top

Gorgeous marble bundt cake Nalini. Lovely clicks too -- so very tempting.

Awesome click and lovely pattern that is formed

Last click is super stunning Nalini, that super prefect texture of the cake makes me hungry.. I want a big slice now.

I love baking in my bundt pan... Yous has turned out so beautiful! And lovely lady click

Simply awesome and delicious looking bundt cake. Wonderfully prepared.

Oh, those slices of cake look amazing! and the last click looks stunning..

Stunning Nalini! Couldn't find an apt word to describe your cake and the snaps...

So beautifully done all your pics..

Lovely cake and we love bundts! And stunning pics as usual Nalini :)

Beautiful looking bundt cake!

The bundt cake looks gorgeous! I love the marbled effect and it looks beautiful :)

Perfect and elegant looking Bundt cake.

Wow I love it. Like Priya the motion shot is amazing.

Love it...all of the pict are so beautiful

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