Eggless Butterless Dates Cake /Dates Cake

Today is day 4 and its the final day post for this week and the recipe is Dates cake under the eggless cake series.I wanted to try this cake ever since I bookmarked from Divya's space.
In the original recipe the cake looks dark brown color like a fruit cake.But mine was came out light so pale. Its may be due to the color of the dates and  also I cooked the dates with milk instead of water.That's the reason couldn't achieve a dark brown color like the original one.The cake came out so spongy with a perfect texture and the addition of cardamom powder makes it more flavorful.
This cake can be eaten as such but it tastes awesome when its served along with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.Off to the recipe..............................................

                                                                                      Eggless Butterless Dates Cake

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 30-40 minutes
   Makes ~ 8 inch cake


All purpose flour
11/4 cups
Olive oil or any neutral oil 
6 tbs
6 tbs
Baking powder
11/5 tsp
Baking soda
1/4 tsp
Custard powder2 tbs
Salta pinch
Cardamom powder/ellakai1/4 tsp
Milk1/2 cup
Nutmeg and cinnamon powdera pinch each(optional)

  • Take all purpose flour,baking soda and powder and sieve it for couple of times.Grease the baking pan with baking spray or oil and dust some flour or put a parchment paper.Keep it aside.
  •  Now in a pan take the milk and dates and cook it for 10 minutes or till the dates become soft.Let it cool down completely and grind it to a fine paste.

  • Pre- heat the oven in 350 F and in a mixing bowl take the oil and sugar,beat it well with a whisker or hand blend till it becomes frothy.Add in the ground dates paste and mix it well.Now add the sieved flour and cardamom powder,nutmeg and cinnamon powder(if you are using).

  • Mix it well with the spatula gently,now add in the chopped cashews and give it a mix.Transfer the cake batter to the baking pan and bake it in the pre- heated oven for 35-40 minutes or a tooth pick comes out clean.After couple of minutes invert the cake to a wire rack and remove the parchment paper.Let it cool completely,after cooling slice it.
  •  Store it in a container,after it cools down completely.

  • If the consistency of the batter is too thick then add some re milk and adjust the consistency.
  • Sieve the flour for couple of times,its necessary to get a nice texture.
  • Do not bake it for more than 40 minutes.
  • This cake can be stored in room temperature in air tight container for two days.



Beautifully made cake.. Looks so soft and fluffy

Dates are my weakness, cake came out super soft Nalini, cant believe this cake is eggless and butterless..prefection to the core.

Soft and spongy and healthy! I love dates in the cake , i have never boiled dates with milk it definitely lends it a nice pale brown which looks pretty.

mindblowing texture Nalini...lovely cake

I have always sticked to traditional cakes, never tried anything different than the norm. So I have never tried dates in a cake. But this looks really nice and has such a great texture

It looks very soft and spongy. The dates must have given the cake a mild natural sweetness. Very nicely done.

Such a soft & spongy cake Nalini. That is a yummy one!!

Beautiful looking cake. I love dates in my bakes. I have a fav recipe of mine using dates. I hope I can bake it for this series as well.

Date cake is one of my favorites. Your version is looking good.

This cakes looks so soft and spongy. I love dates in cakes

Cake looks soft and spongy. Dates must have given the cake a nice flavor

Wow..such a soft, fluffy and most of all, healthy and eggless Date cake. I too have one for this BM but it was little dense and tasted like Plum cake we get in India. This is I will surely try Nalini.

I have an X Mas plum cake recipe with dates puree and the sweetness from the dates is so enticing !! this is a great cake, Nalini ! perfect texture and crumb.. bookmarking to try soon !

I have made something similar earlier and I know how tasty it is! And the texture has come out so well Nalini....

Wow it looks so soft and shapes are so perfect. yum

Wow! These do look amazing and chocked full of goodness!! bookmarking this!!

Looks delicious nalini, we love dates in bakes. have baked some cakes/loaves before so i know how it would have tasted!! :)

The crumb looks very nice Nalini..would want to bite in right away!

Lovely texture of the cake! Perfect for evening snacks and healthy as well.

Perfect texture Nalini. Looks divine...

I like the color and beautiful texture book marking ...

I always assumed boilin dates with milk will curdle the milk. Thanks Nalini that's an eye opener. Love the cake.

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