Falooda / Faluda

Falooda /Faluda is a rich popular chilled dessert of India and Pakistan,so many variations can be made.
Today I am sharing you a basic version with and the most important key ingredient is the falooda sev and tukmaria seeds.
I used the homemade vanilla ice cream and kulfi faloodas can be made with kulfi.Chopped fruits and nuts can also be used to garnish.Sending this one to Mirelle who is hosting the Kids Delight - Creamy Foods.Lets move on to the recipe.................................................


   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 25 -30 minutes
   Makes ~  3 


Falooda sev
1 handful
Whole milk/full cream milk
11/4 cups
2 tbs
Corn flour
1 tsp
Cashews and pistachios(chopped)
2 tbs
Tukmaria seeds/sabja seeds
1-11/2 tbs
Rose syrup/roofaza
2-3 tbs
Chilled milk(optional)
1/3 cup
Apple and strawberry(chopped)
1/4 cup
3-4 big scoops
Tutti frutti and nuts(for garnishing)
as needed

  • Soak the tukmaria seeds/sabja seeds in water for 1-2 hours It will swell and double in size..Boil the milk in a medium flame for 10 minutes and add the sugar.Let it simmer for another 5-7 minutes.Meanwhile mix the corn flour with water without any lumps.Add it to the milk mixture and stir it well.Cook it for another 5 minutes with continuous stirring.Add in the chopped nuts and put of the flame and let it cool down completely.
  • Meanwhile cook the falooda sev according to the package instruction.Rinse it in the cold water and keep it aside.Drain the excess water in the tukmaria seeds and set it aside.
  • Now take 3 tall glasses and add around a tsp of rose syrup in each glass.Then add in around a tbs of soaked tukmaria seeds,then the thickened milk mixture.Add some more tukmaria seeds,chilled milk and drizzle few drops of rose syrup.Add in the chopped apple and strawberry,few chopped nuts.Top it with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream,sprinkle nuts and tutti frutti.Drizzle few drops  of rose syrup.
  • Serve it immediately or chill it for 10-15 minutes if needed.

  • After adding the cornflour to the boiling milk,stir it continuously to avoid lumps.
  • The milk mixture and the cooked sev needs to be chilled or in room temperature while assembling the falooda.
  • The cooked falooda sev can be mixed with chilled milk and used.
  • Top it with generous amount of ice cream and nuts for a rich taste.
  • Any flavor of ice cream can be used.



I love the colors in the pictures. Great dessert for a hot day.

Lovely colorful falooda, it brings back so many childhood memories . Beautifully presented these glasses look very tempting.

This is too much, where i get this much alluring falooda, wat a beautiful glasses you have presented Nalini, virtually enjoying.

Yummy, tempting and beautiful presentation !

Nalini, I really want to check out all of your props..:)..such pretty ones you use and almost never repeat!..the Falooda looks amazing..and another one to drool today..

Delicious! Looks so great.

This is a fav dessert in my family.

Same pinch. I posted a Falooda today :-)
Yours looks colorful and delicious.

I had this once at an Indo-Chinese restaurant here. It was a really hot day - about 100 degrees and this was so cooling - it really hit the spot. You and Pavani making me crave for one now..looks like I'll have to make a visit to the restaurant - not sure if I'm up to making this myself at home :)

Tempting and delicious falooda...

You captured a cool dessert beautifully.

Wow Nalini I agree with Valli and also I wanted to see you while taking pictures too beautiful. and falooda yummm...

It looks so colourful and tasty!

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