Shakarpara/Shankarpalli - Maharashtra Special

Today's visit is to Maharashtra,a state in the Western region of India and its the second populous state. Maharashtra is a industrial state and third largest state by area,Mumbai is the state Capital.
Food culture is divided into Konkan and Varda and rice,wheat are the staple food.The Konkani dishes are mainly sea food and non veg based whereas the Varadi is a bit spicier version.
Foods such as Vada pav,Basundi,Pav bahji are some of the very popular dishes of Maharastra.
Coming to the recipe is a sweet prepared during Diwali,usually this sweet is made with all purpose flour(maida).But here I used a mixture of both all purpose and wheat flour,thats the reson the color of the sweet in a bit darker side.
This sweet needs to be fried in a low to medium flame as sugar is added in the dough,otherwise it may turn very dark without cooking.
Also I am linking the recipe to Shhh..Cooking Secretly an event started by Priya of Priya's Versatile Recipes.
Each blogger is paired up with another blogger and 2 secret ingredient is given by their partner.With those secret ingredient a dish is made and revealed on every month between 16-18,until the ingredient is secret.
This month I am paired up with well know blogger and Thali queen Manjula of Desi Fiesta.She gave me wheat flour and strawberry as my secret ingredients.I used one of my secret ingredient,with no further delay lets move on to the recipe..................................

Basic Information

Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 15-20 minutes
Makes ~ 2 1/2 cups(approximately)


All purpose flour/maida3/4 cup
Wheat flour/gothumai maavu3/4 cup
Sugar/sakarai5 tbs
Ghee/nei4 tbs
Milk/paal1/3 cup
Salt1/8 tsp
Oilfor frying


Warm the milk and dissolve the sugar,keep it aside.Take the flour,ghee and salt in a bowl and mix it well.Now to this crumbly mixture slowly add the milk.

Form a stiff dough and let it sit for 10 minutes.Divide the dough into 2 equal portions.Roll each portion a floured surface to less than 1/4th inch thickness.With a knife or pizza cutter cut the rolled dough to a square or diamond shape.Carefully remove it and keep it on a plate.

Heat oil in a medium flame and gently drop the cut pieces.Fry it till in becomes golden and crisp.Remove it from the oil and drain it on a paper towel.

 Store in an air tight container after cooling.


  • The shakarpara may be soft when its hot,after cooling it will be crispy.
  • Do not use more than 5-6 tbs of sugar for the given measurement otherwise the color will be very darker.
  • Ghee can be substituted with butter also.


I can munch a bowl of this crunchy munch shakarpara, very addictive they are, so wheat and strawberry is ur secret ingredient, well done Nalini.

Awesome....simply awesome...

amazing!..they look so crisp, crunchy and perfectly made..very well made.

you made with wheat maida which is good, makes it healthier option, nice pics

Amazing snack love the texture

They look so crispy and yummy! Very nicely done.

One of my fav snack. Love it.

Looks so crunchy and delicious. Love those perfectly shaped shakarparas...

perfectly shaped!! so even in their sizes and so cute looking!!

perfect to munch on.. crunchy and crispy..

One of my favorite snack..yours have come out so well!

Those are super addictive -- love your presentation.

Such an addictive snack! I cannot stop with one :)

Shakarpara came out very well, crispy and crunchy, Nice snack to munch on.

These look so yum. They look so delicious and crisp. Will love to snack on them.

wow wow perfectly done diamond cuts , shakkarpara is a family fav we make it for diwali and share it with relative , you have made them super crispy and yummy .. I wud to grab some !!

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Hi Dose any one know how to prepare Kapanya...We call the same in south karnataka...its an dish made our of wheat flour cut into diamond shape and cooked in Masala...

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