Pukhlein -Mehalaya Special

Today also we are in another North Eastern state Mehalaya, land of clouds and a heavy rainfall state during monsoons.The capital of Mehalaya is Shillong and its known as'Scotland of East'.
About one third of the state is forested and its home for 3 types of tribes Khasi,Garos and Janitas.
Red rice is commonly eaten and consume lots of pork and meat.They use lot of sesame seeds in their food for seasoning.
Coming to the recipe part,this one state is difficult to find a vegetarian recipe and finally ended up in making the sweet Pukhlein made with rice flour.
The recipe sounds very similar to Adirasam,but it came out perfect after 3 trials.In my first trial didn't rest the prepared batter.In my second trial the batter was slightly loose and as soon as I put it in the oil it separated.Third trial also failed and final try was with only 1/2 cup of rice flour.
So last and final try I slightly roasted the flour and rest it for 15 minutes.So resting the batter is very important.Now off to the recipe.........................................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 10 minutes
Resting Time ~ 15 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 10 minutes
Makes ~7-8


Rice Flour/arisi maavu1/2 cup
Powdered jaggery/vellam1/4 cup
Water1/2 cup
Salta pinch
Oilfor frying


  • Slightly roast the rice flour in a medium flame without changing the color.
  • Melt the jaggery with water to thick syrup (no need of string consistency) and pass it through a fine filter to remove the scum.
  • To this jaggery syrup add the rice flour and mix it well.
  • Let it rest for at least 15 minutes.
  • Heat a pan with oil in a medium flame.
  • Now take a big gooseberry sized batter and flatten it,drop it in the oil.
  • Fry it till golden and remove it from the oil and drain it on a paper towel.


  • Frying it in the medium flame is very important otherwise it may turn dark without cooking.
  • Resting the batter is also important otherwise it may separate in the oil.


I always find recipes where jaggery has to be melted a little tricky. I had a similar problem with thekua for Jharkhand. I eventually gave up on jaggery and used sugar. Glad that finally try with roasting rice worked out. Pukhlein seems to be in lead for Meghalaya .

Wow! You tried it three times! I am glad it finally worked out.

interesting one.. I always scared to try something with jaggery and deep frying .. finally it came out perfect for u :-)

Hard work always gives good rewards d dish looks very yummy

Good that it worked out fine Nalini..the pukhleins look good..

Wonderful u have succeeded in ur third trial, means you like challenges, well done Nalini. Pukhlein looks fabulous.

easy to make snack..well clicked pictures

looks very tempting...it is risky cooking with rice flour..so good your stuck around

They look very tempting. I gave up after 2 failed attempts :)

3 trials - hats off your patience and your trying!!! and this has come out great!!

pukhlein looks fabulous.. perfectly golden..

Wow! You tried it thrice before getting it right. I think all your efforts paid off. The pukhlein looks so nice...

hats off!...but finally you did get it..super!

they look so munchable - a great snack

wow pukhleins looks fantastic nalini , you have made them perfectly and they are making me drool here .. hats off to your patience on making them thrice :)

Wow you made it 3 times? Hats off to you ! They are delicious.

You must be one patient lady!! Three tries and perfected a recipe, that a great job indeed!!!

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