Naga Tomato Chutney - Nagaland Cuisine

In our Indian food Odyssey we are in Nagaland today,another North eastern state of India.The state is mostly mountainous and Mount Saramath is the highest peak situated in Nagaland.
When coming to the cuisine part mostly its non-veg,finding out a vegetarian recipe is very difficult.
A typical naga meal consists of rice,meat,boiled veggies and chutney.The Naga chutney varieties  tend to be very spicy as they use lot of chillies to accompany a bland dish.
Today's recipe is one such simple chutney which is used as an accompaniment and this chuney doesn't need any oil or seasoning.Its simply made by boiling the tomatoes along with chilly and garlic,ginger and mash it.Off to the recipe.....................................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 5 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 10 -12 minutes
Serves ~ 2
Recipe Source ~ House of Spice


Tomatoes2 (medium size)
Red chilly/pachamilagai3-4
Garlic/poondu3 cloves
Ginger/inji1/2 inch piece
Salt3/4 tsp
Coriander leaves/kothamallifistful
Mint leaves/Pudina10-15 leaves


  • Roughly mash the tomatoes and put everything in a pan and boil it along with 1/2-3/4 cup of water.
  • Once it is cooked and becomes thick mash it with a potato masher or in a mortar and pestle to a coarse paste.
  • Naga Tomato chutney is ready.

Serve it with rice.



lovely blend of spices,yumm!!

love the pic with one ramekin over the other!! nice idea.. looks so classic..

Chutney looks so good yet so simple to make. Awesome pics Nalini!!

looks wonderful deliciously done

Such a flavourful chutney, i think this chutney makes a prefect pair even with our idlies na..Will try soon.

the first pic looks very decent and the chutney looks spicy

Surprising to see same kind of chutney is been used on the other side of India. I am very curious to see other state's recipe to follow.

Yummy! Fingerlicking good chutney...

very nice and tempting chutney aks... similar to our chutney except tempering...

i like it that the chutney is chunky.. looks yummy

wow lovely pictures Nalini...these NE states had us in all in fix right!

the tomato chutney looks inviting and we have quite a few versions now;0..looks fantastic!

This is so much like the tomato masiyal we make. So tempting...

That is a yummy looking tomato chutney.

Very nice pick. I struggled with Nagaland and Tripura a lot :)

These northeastern chutneys are some simple to make, isn't it? All we need to do is roast the ingredient and mash ut up... Tomato chutney looks tasty

like the use of mint in this one

wow thats one fingerlicking naga chutney na , I wud love to enjoy them with curd rice .. very nice recipe choice nalini .. fabulous clicks there !!

Looks so delicious and mouthwatering

Nice chutney and beautiful clicks:)

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