Koat Pitha -Mizoram Special

Today we are in Mizoram,one of the Seven Sister State in North East India,sharing borders of Tiripura,Assam,Manipur and with neighboring countries Burma and Bangladesh.
Mizoram became India's 23rd state on 1987 and its capital is Aizawl.
Coming to the food culture,rice is the staple food served along with veg and non veg dishes.Bamboo shoots and other local herbs are also included in their diet.Panch poran spices are used for the seasoning and Panch poran tarkari is one such popular among them.
Koat pitha is deep fried fritters with rice flour and banana which resembles the Kerala Unniappam.It is very flavorful with a crispy outer and soft inner.When it is hot I felt it was not cooked but after cooling it was perfect.So serve it when its warm or till it reaches room temperature.Here I used the roasted rice flour which I got it from India.If you are using store bough flour slightly roast and use it.Off to the recipe...................

Basic Information

Preparation Time ~ 10 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 10 minutes
Serves ~ 2
Recipe Source ~ Khaana Khajana


Rice Flour/arisi maavu1 cup
Banana/vazhaipazham2 (well ripen)
Powdered jaggery/vellam1/3 cup
Water1/4 cup
Salta pinch
Oilfor frying


Melt the jaggery with water to thick syrup (no need of string consistency) and pass it through a fine filter to remove the scum.
Mash the banana and keep it in a bowl.To this add the jaggery syrup and rice flour,a pinch of salt.Mix it well without adding any water to a dropping consistency.

Heat a pan with oil in a medium flame,and drop a small round batter with a help of spoon or hand into the oil. Fry it till it becomes golden and drain it on a paper towel.

Serve it warm.


  • Frying it in the medium flame is very important otherwise it may turn dark without cooking.
  • As my jaggery has lot of impurities I melted and strained,otherwise you can use it directly.


Good one. I made these for Nagaland.

nice ones, i saw many recipes for these so guess it works for all

i initially shortlisted the koat pitha too. i am now kicking myself for not trying it. it looks delicious

Looks like so many of us wanted to make this but chose something else...yours have turned out very nicely Nalini..when there is no recipe to follow which explains clearly you have done a great job..

these look perfectly made..and must have tasted awesome too...I might not be a fan of bananas but some how i like what you have done.

Koat pitha has turned out so nice. Even I thought it was undercooked when hot, but it was perfect once it was cool.

Yummy looking pithas.. Lovely clicks.

I made these for naga - yours look so light and airy

Kaot pitha turned out perfect and must have been a nice snack to much on.

wow your koat pitha have turned very yummy looking dear .. such an yummy snack to munch looks crispy on out and soft spongy on in :) I wud love to munch these little cuties :)

WOw these look so delicious.

This seems to be the star recipe! Looks so good and I am sure it would have tasted great!

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