Sel Roti - Sikkim Special

Sikkim is the state located in Himalayas bordered by Nepal to West and Bhutan by East and West Bengal to South.
As it borders Nepal,the food has the influence and Sikkim is the only state that has Nepali majority.Traditionally Sikkimese are rice eaters,coming to the recipe Sel roti is a traditional sweet,ring shaped bread/doughnut made during Tihar.
This sweet tastes almost like the sakkarai athirasam prepared in South India.The rice is soaked and grind to a fine paste along with ghee and sugar,fried in the oil.The consistency of the batter  is very important,if its too thick dropping will be diffident whereas if its thin it may becomes flat.Making a perfect sel roti needs lots of practice,the shape and appearance doesn't look like the original recipe but it tastes very delicious.Off to the recipe..............................

Basic Information
Recipe Source ~ Here
Soaking time ~ 6-7 hours Preparation Time ~ 15 minutes
Cooking Time ~ 15-20 minutes
Makes ~ 10-12


Raw Rice Flour/pacharisi1 cup
Sugar/sakkarai1/4 cup
Salta pinch
Oilfor frying


  • Soak the rice for overnight or at least 6 hours,grind it to a fine paste along with ghee,sugar,cardamom and a pinch of salt.Do not add too much f water while grinding. Transfer it to a bowl.

  • Heat a pan with oil,take the ground batter in a small cup,once the oil becomes hot pour it in the oil in a circular ring.Fry it till the sizzling sound ceases.Remove it from the oil and drain it on a paper towel.

  • Sel roti is ready.



This sel roti looks very prefect and for me they looks like onion rings, can see how prefectly you prepared them Nalini,well done.

The sel roti looks light and fluffy. You got them perfectly round too. Nicely done.

Same Pinch :) I love how you were able to get beautiful shape on your. Looks nice and crispy!

This is something new to me.. interesting recipe..

these are probably the best in terms of shape....very well made

Nalini at least you got a few good ones..great job on this roti.

wow the shape has come out very nicely!!! looks super!

The shape seems to have come out really good Nalini. Great job!

I think you have got the best Sel roti shape. Looks great.

Like Priya said, I feel like they are onion rings :) Seems to be a very popular one!

You sel roti is looks perfect, lot better than how mine turned out. Yes, as you said the taste was pretty good.

you have nailed the shape nalini!!! Looks awesome pa!!! :)

your rotis were shaped so the ones I had in Nepali restaurant here

Wow your sel roti looks fabulous dear , how perfectly you have made them .. just can't take my eyes from them they look super cute and very well shaped :)

Wow your sel rotis look so delicious. You have made them perfectly.

how did you manage such perfect rounds? wow. perfectly made

This one was the popular dish of the day|! Yours seems to have come out so well...

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