Malai Jamun

Today is the last day for the theme occasion in Blogging Marathon#27 and wanted to finish the theme with a dessert.
Malai Jamun is a tempting and delicious sweet in which the regular soft and spongy jamuns are soaked in a creamy,thick flavored milk.
This recipe I adapted from here and slightly tweaked it to my convenience and taste.I made couple of times with the store bought gulab jamun mix and my kiddo loved it a lot.But this time tried it with khoya which was lying in my freezer since 3 weeks.Her is the recipe..........................


For the Jamun

Unsweetned khoya/mawa1cup
All purpose flour1/4cup
Baking sodaa pinch
Milk to knead
Cardamom powdera pinch
Oilas needed to fry
For the Malai/Rabdi
Whole Milk21/2cups

Badam milk powder
Pistachios(finely chopped)for garnishing


  •  In a heavy bottom pan add the milk and simmer it till it reduces 1/3rd,then add the sugar.Let it boil for 5 minutes.
  • Now mix the badam milk powder in a2tbs of milk and add it to the milk.Put off the fire and keep it aside.
  • In a pan dissolve the sugar in water and heat,make a thick sugar syrup.No need of any string consistency,keep it aside.
  • In a bowl take the khoya,all purpose flour,baking powder and ghee,mix it well.Now add milk little by little and make a soft dough.
  • Pinch a small gooseberry size ball and roll into a smooth ball without giving too much of pressure.
  • Heat the pan with oil in a medium flame and drop 6-7 and rotate the pan so that all sides of the ball gets cooked evenly.
  • Once it is cooked to golden brown color drain it  from the oil and drop it in the  sugar syrup.
  • After 10 minutes take the jamuns from the sugar syrup carefully add add it to the milk  mixture and garnish it with chopped pistachios.
  • Refrigerate for 2-3 hours and serve it chilled.


  • Instead of simmering the milk 11/2 cups of evaporated milk and 1/2 cup of condensed milk can be used.
  • Instead of badam milk powder finely chopped nuts and saffron can be used.
  • The amount of sugar given for the rabdi can be increased if you are not using condensed milk or badam milk powder.
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Wow adding to the milk mixture makes it even more delicious!..very lovely pictures as always..

this looks super tempting... yum...

It makes me very drool here aks... one of my most favorite...

irressistible!!! can gobble a few pieces now!!
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Wonderful dessert. Lipsmacking good.

today's post:

The jamuns look so perfect! Wonderful...

Wonderful preparation! Looks so yum!

Super juicy and highly irresistible, malai jamun..Feel like inviting myself to ur place Nalini.

Looks very tempting Nalini. Trying gulab jamun and this one in my to-do list for long time... Your post reminded me to do it immediately.

lovely jamuns...fantastic..

Looks so tempting. Never tried Jamun with malai!!

Looks so tempting. feel to pop one into my mouth now

Aha looks super delicious, nice clicks too... :) I can grab them all and finish it in a jiffy :)

Rich and delicious dessert! Wish I could taste this, Nalini..

Wow...malai Jamuns sounds so rich n delicious! Wanna grab those bowl of jamuns, so tempting :) lovely clicks!!

The first pic is jus for me.. i can finish it off in one sitting.. too good..

very beautiful presentation dear.. colorful too..

it's tempting to grab some jammuns...

i will make these soon and also probably bake it

Drooling over your all your crockeries.

Woow..This looks absolutely delicious and drives me crazy..Lovely clicks too..

Interesting one, jamun in milk based.

Lovely clicks and tempting me to gobble them. Wish I could do that :(

I love this combo and always make it when we have guests over!

I am so tempted...looks yummm

Super yumm!! Perfect party dessert.

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