This is yet another traditional Chettinadu sweet snack prepared for special occasions and poojas.In some Chettinadu houses this sweet is made even for Diwali.Here is the recipe................


Raw rice /pacharisi1/2cup
Idly rice/pulungal arisi1/2cup
Urad dhal/ulutham paruppu2tbs
Channa dhal 11/2tsp
Toor dhal/tuvaram paruppu 1tsp
Moong dhal/paasiparuppu1tsp
Powdered Jaggery/brown sugar/vellam3/4-1cup
Oilas needed to fry


Soak the rice and dhal for 2 hours,then grind it in blender with caradmom to coarse paste.Now add the grated coconut and powdered jaggery to it and grind it for a minute.Transfer the batter to a bowl and adjust the consistency(should be like dosa batter consistency).Add the salt and mix it well.
Now heat a pan with oil in a medium flame,once the oil is hot pour a small ladle of batter to the oil.
Now slowly pour the oil to the appam with the help of the skimmer to raise.
Once the edges become brown turn it to the other side.Cook it for a minute and remove it,drain it on a kitchen towel.
Serve it warm.


  • Here I used the brown sugar and if you feel the jaggery has impurities make a thich syrup and drain it.Add it to the batter.
  • If you want more sweet the amount of jaggery can be increased to 1 cup as I used the brown sugar,added 1 cup.
  • Flip the appam once the edges get crisp and brown,after flipping don't cook it for a long time.Remove it in a minute.
  • The oil should be in medium flame to get a nice color and even cooking. 
  • Use a flat base pan to fry this appam and fry one appam at a time to get a nice shape.
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its new to me, sounds interesting and delicious Nalini! You have made it so well n neatly presented. Yummy clicks too..

Makes me nostalgic, been ages i had my favourite Kandarappam..You are tempting me here.

Never heard this name but looks delicious..

Nalini the traditional appams are all with rice; this sounds easy and delicious; perfect for the festival season.
Could you make this in the Appa-kaarol?

I have heard about it, but now only know the process! Interesting recipe!

yummy variety of appam :) looks delicious dear..

`This is my favorite snack. Looks delicious, Nalini.

wow looks superb SN :) I feel like grabbing few from the screen now

Yum ..looks perfectly done ....

Super delicious aks... u made me so tempting...

Yummy!! I love kandarappam! Lovely photos! :)


Sounds interesting , looks perfect

Recipe sounds good Nalini, new for me, would surely want to try this sometime..

New recipe to me,similar to neyyapam in shapes..neatly presented,Nalini:)

These look something like the North Indian Malpuas...but with daal...the basic style is the same..look good.

we make something using pumpkin, should try it with coconut, nice recipe

Wow.... such a delightful recipe. Very power packed.

Wwo this looks yum. Its new to me but I love it.

it's my fav snack.... never tried at home.. her i got a nest recipe...

Lovely one. First time hearing about this traditional dish

This has come out nice, with the perfect brown color!

Addition of so many dals sure sounds interesting to me!!

Very interesting dish. Never heard of it. Looks yumm.

this is new to me... looks so authentic and so delicious.. should try it out sometime!
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Can I make tiny dosas using this batter in dosaikal instead of deep frying?

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