Paanakam is an authentic drink which offers to god as a prasadham for Rama navami,ancestors poja and even in local temples poojas.
As Rama Navami(Lord Rama's birthday) is nearing I thought of sharing this traditional drink which  made as prasadham for that day.
Also offered as  prasadham in temples especially in summer days as it is a body coolant and thirst quencher.
This drink is a very simple one which doesn't need any fancy ingredients and the flavor of cardamom and ginger with the hint of lemon makes it so refreshing.Now on to the recipe......................


Ginger(crushed)1 inch piece
Cardamom powder1/2tsp
Lemon juice2tbs


  • Dissolve the jaggery in 21/2 cups of water and add the crushed ginger,leave it for 10 minutes.
  • After the jaggery completely dissolved in the water pass it through a strainer to remove the impurities and the ginger.
  • To this add cardamom powder and lemon juice,let it sit for10 minute.
  • Serve it.


  • For extra flavor a small rice grain size of edible camphor can be added.
  • Originally dry ginger(sukku)is added instead of fresh ginger.
  • The amout of water and lemon juice can be decreased and increased according to personal preference. 
  • To serve it chilled add some ice cubes.
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Very refreshing drink.. Love the presentation, Nalini.. Looks so festive..

It is a great info dear....tq for sharing

oh that sounds interesting :) n healthy drink :)

Looks lovely Nalini!..reminds me that ramanavmi is fast approaching

Soothing drink for sultry days. Reminded me of the gallons of panamkam we used to drink on Ramnavami days in the neighborhood.

Real flavored drink...

I want that glass to gulp it down.....burp n yummy!!!

very elegant and beautiful presentation, panakagam makes me nostalgic,love this drink.

I love panakam. It is in fact one of my scheduled posts for the traditional week. Love your presentation

quite a presentation,loving it.

Looks excellent, this is one of my most favorite pasadam..

Beautiful presentation dear... The drink looks so refreshing.

i have actually tested it recently and know how fulfilling it was on a sunny afternoon, lovely recipe

Lovely presentation, very refreshing for the summer..

Lovely presentation Nalini. You captured the essence of the festival and the offerings very well.

Lovely presentation N great pics Nalini! Looks so festive n authentic...good one!!

Looks so divine and authentic..

looks so authentic and auspicious!!! perfectly delicious!!! love the idea of pictures in silver utensils....
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I love how the lace reflects on the glass in the last picture. Paanakam and neer mor mark the summer beginning :)

I have had this at a colleagues place. What a refreshing drink this is. I love the silver that you used for the pics. Lovely.

A thirst quenching drink which is much awaited during Ramanavami ! Superb presentation!

Very refreshing cool refreshing.. Very cute bowl.....

Beautiful clicks and looks very festive...

You made it so divinely Nalini.Looks awesome.

Lovely presentation. Good one for summer.

Wow what a beautiful presentation. What isthe flower Nalini? It is so pretty. And the Paankam is awesome. will make it this year.

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Paanakam drinks are consumed mainly in India and sometimes in other Indian countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh for it is more prevalent there than among Indians residing elsewhere.

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