Strawberry Lemonade

My son loves strawberry and his favorite fruit is strawberry and color is red,so anything with red is his favorite.Mostly in summer days I give him some fresh fruit juice after he comes back from school.
The theme third week of Blogging Marathon #27 is Seasonal recipes and for the day 1 I made this refreshing lemonade.
Strawberry lemonade is a quick and easy to make which tastes divine and it is a perfect thirst quencher for scorching summer.Here is the recipe for colorful thirst quencher.....

 Basic Information


Lemon juice1tbs
Water 3cups
Ice cubesas needed


  • Chop the strawberry and grind it to a smooth paste along with the sugar.
  • Pass it through a strainer and collect the juice.
  • To this add the lemon juice and water.
  • Serve it with ice cubes.


  • The amount of sugar and the lemon juice can be adjusted to personal preference. 
  • Use well ripe strawberries to get a deep color and nice taste.
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Refreshing drink.. Love the color of the drink and the presentation..

Stunning pictures and a very exotic drink!

Refreshing and delicious drink.

Refreshing drink and beautiful presentation.

Wow ! What a color... Super cooler !

wow lovely color and refreshing drink :) awesome clicks :)

super cooler, loved it pretty pinkish red color...beautiful presentation Nalini...liked all the pics :)

Stunning presentation. Lemon and strawberry combination is divine.

Awesome clicks and refreshing drink. Happy to follow your blog.

Awesome clicks and refreshing drink. Happy to follow your blog.

What a lovely presentation nalini, pictures always end up stunning, great job!

Mindblowing presentation, cant take my eyes from that super refreshing drink..

Refreshing flavors for upcoming summer.

tempting and inviting...semma click

Ho wow ! I love teh pic. What I will give to click so beautifully. The lemonade is great but you pic is what Ima drooling over.

Lovely color and beautiful clicks, nice cooler

lovely picture..i liked the first picture very much...

lovely color,great clicks too!!

i loved all those clicks, are the blue flowers real or fake, they contrast the beauty of lemonade perfectly well

Beautiful clicks Nalini. I loved how the strawberry shows up from inside the glass....Real nice!

Amazing presentation. Lemonade looks awesome.

Wow beautiful presentation....

should take a photography lesson from you. Amazing pictures.. simple beautiful!!
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Event - Celebrate - Summer

It's terribly hard to click me we need to learn from you...the pictures are very good, and so is the presentation...Nalini..please lessons in photography!

Beautiful clicks!!!Drooling here

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