Prayana thogayal/Urad dhal chutney

"Prayanam" means travel in Tamil.My mom makes this chutney when we are travelling out and she packs the Idly with this chutney in a banana leaf and wrap it in a cover.The smell of banana leaf and  the sesame oil drizzled in the Idly makes a perfect combination. This chutney stays fresh for a day without refrigeration.


Urad dhal4tbs
Curry leaves2 sprigs
Red chilly5-6
Tamarind pulp1tsp
to taste


             Place a pan on the stove and add a tsp of oil, roast the dry chillies and coconut till the color changes and keep it aside.In the same pan add another spoon of oil and fry the urad dhal,curry leaves and the asafoetida.
Once the mixture is cool down first blend the coconut,drychillies with salt and tamarind to a coarse mix.Then add in the urad dhal and grind it to coarse with little water.
Transfer it to a serving bowl and it does not need seasoning.

Serve it with Idly.

  • Coriander leaves can be added with curry leaves.
  • Frying the urad dhal to golden brown color gives a nice aroma to the chutney.

This recipe goes for condiment mela.


Thanks for sending in this one...will be a good change from regular chutneys..

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