Neer kozhukattai

This is my Grand mothers recipe.Its a very simple and healthy recipe.When we were kids,we used to go to my Grandmothers house for summer vacation.My grand mother used to make this one  as a evening snack  for us.

  1.   Boiled rice or idly rice -1 cup
  2.   Coconut (grated)-1/2 cup
  3.   Salt to taste
  4.   Red chilly -6nos(cut into 1/2inch pieces)
  5.   Mustard seeds-1tsp
  6.   Urad dhal-11/2 tsp
  7.   Curry leaves
  8.   Asafoetida-a pinch
  9.   Oil-3tsp

             Soak the rice in the water for atleast 2 hours and grind into paste .The consistency should be like idly batter and mix the salt in the batter.
Keep a heavy bottomed or a non stick pan in the stove and do the seasoning with mustard and urad dhal.Add in red chilly pieces,asafoetida,curryleaves and coconut and fry it for a minute.Finally add the ground batter and fry  till it becomes thick like a dough.Turn off the fire and let it cool down.Now knead the dough well.

 Make a small ball out of the dough,grease the idly plate and place the balls. Keep the plate in the idly cooker and steam it for 10-15 mins. Traditionally the balls will be added to the boiling water directly  for cooking thats why the name Neer Kozhukattai.But steaming process saves the time and it is convenient.

 Serve it warm with the choice of your pickle.

  • Adding coconut pieces gives an extra taste.
  • Red chilly can be substituted by green chilly.
  • Cumin and coarsely grind Pepper powder can be added in the seasoning for extra spiciness .


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