Two in one Chicken Kuzhambhu and Fry

For the day 2 of Protein rich dishes in Blogging Marathon #88 is a Chicken Kuzhambhu and fry.This is one of the signature recipe of my in laws house and they do make it with mutton.I followed the same method and tried it with chicken.As it is a pressure cooker method the kuzhambhu and fry can be made in no time.Also the addition of kuzhambhu milagai thool/podi make this kuzhambhu so aromatic.Since I ran of the spice powder,used the regular red chilly powder and coriander powder along with the homemade garam masala powder.

The consistency of the kuzhambhu is personal preference.Usually the kuzhambhu is slightly thinner if it is accompanied with idly for morning breakfast.Whereas it will be on the thicker side for rice.Off to the recipe.

                                        Two in One Chicken Kuzhambhu and Fry

   Basic Information
   Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 45 - 50 minutes
   Serves ~ 4(generously)


 For the Kuzhambhu
Chicken( boneless)
3 lbs
Onion(thinly sliced)
2(medium size)
Tomato(finely chopped)
1 medium size
Ginger&Garlic Paste
2 tbs
Coriander powder/dhaniya podi
2 tbs
Red chilly powder/milagi podi
1 tbs
Turmeric powder
1/4 tsp
Garam Masala powder
1/4 tsp
Fennel seeds/sombu
1/2 tsp
Curry leaves/karivepillai
2-3 sprigs
Lemon juice(optional)
2 tsp
1.5 tsp
3 tbs
Coriander leaves(chopped)
2 tbs

  Grind to a fine paste

1/4  cup
Fennel seeds/sombu
1 tsp
1 inch

 For the Fry

Onion(finely chopped)
1/4 cup
Curry leaves
Black pepper powder/milagu podi
1 tsp
Green chilly/pachamilagi
2-3 (slit lengthy)
Coriander leaves(finely chopped)
2 tsp
2 tsp
  • Wash and clean the chicken and cut into bite size pieces,keep it aside.Grind the given ingredients "to grind" to a fine paste.Set it aside.
  • In a pressure pan or cooker heat the oil and crackle the fennel seeds,to this add the chopped onion and curry leaves.saute it until translucent.Add in the ginger&garlic paste,fry it till the raw smell disappaers. Add in the chopped tomato and cook it for 2-3 minutes or till mushy.
  • Add in all the spice powders and give it a good mix.Now goes in the chicken pieces and saute it till the color changes.Add around 2-3 cups of water and salt.Pressure cook it for a whistle or two in a medium flame.
  • Wait until the pressure subsides and to this add in the ground coconut paste and let it cook in a medium flame for 5 minutes.Stir in between.
  • Now take the cooked chicken pieces from the as needed to make the fry from the boiling kuzhambhu in a separate bowl.Also take  1/2  cup of gray along with the cooked chicken pieces.Add in the chopped coriander leaves to the kuzhambhu and put off the flame.
  • Now for the fry heat a pan or a griddle.To this add  couple of tsp of oil.Add in the chopped onion,curry leaves and saute it for 2 minutes.Now add the slit green chillies.Now goes in the chicken pieces along with the gravy.
  • Saute it well till the moisture gets evaporated and everything incorporates well.Add in the black pepper powder and chopped coriander leaves.Mix it well and keep it on the flame for few minutes and put off the flame. Yummy chicken fry is ready
  • Serve it warm with rice .



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The dish has a nice color and Good that you could give a twist of ingredients to your family recipe .

Hahaha so clever! Instead of making 2 diff dishes from scratch... just making 1 and a half;)
Love the gravy colour! So appetizing

Making chicken two ways with single recipe is awesome. I love fries more than gravies. They look so yum..

Omg, this is simply a fabulous idea to dish out chicken in two ways, i love both the gravy and fry, lipsmacking here.

That is a lovely idea of making it two in one... those who like the kuzhambu can have that, those who want the fried version can take that!

Both the dishes look fabulous Nalini. Even my mom makes this way when kids ask for fry..such a time saver!

You know what i often make this kind of two in one with mutton, since it takes long time to cook, i pressure cook them with spices together and later take the needed for fry !!! The kulambu and fry both are awesome. With rice, it would make a hearty lunch !!!

I am sure chicken lovers can better appreciate this. Neat presentation.

I make the gravy in a similar fashion. Both your dish looks awesome and the clicks are simply superb

Simple yet delicious chicken curry and fry.

It is very interesting to see how you made 2 entirely different dishes using the same ingredient. Both the chicken fry an the curry look delicious.

So clever of you to make 2 different dishes from one ingredient and please the family as well!

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