Garam Masala Powder

I usually use the store bought garam masala powder and except the garam masala powder I make most of the powders at home.Nothing beats the taste and flavor of home made powders.As mom is here she made her version of garam masala powder and it is very flavorful,like to share the recipe.Here is the recipe......


Cinnamon/Pattai3 nos.of 1 inch piece
Anise star1no.
Green Cardamom/ellakai3-4nos.
Fennel seeds2tbs
Poppy seeds1tbs
Coriander seeds3tbs
Red chilly3-4nos.
Black cardamom1no.(optional)


               Keep a pan on the stove top with medium flame and dry roast all the ingredients till the nice aroma comes out.Let it cool down completely.
After cooling powder it in a coffee grinder or blender to a fine powder.
Store it in an air tight container.

  • Adding the black cardamom is purely optional,instead nutmeg can also be added.
  • I powdered it to a fine powder,it can be ground bit grainy also.
  • For the above mentioned quantity I got 1/2 cup of powder.


Always homemade masalas are flavorable.

Fresh flavour is hard to beat. These are always missing in store bought products however much they claim it is vacuum sealed

Useful post. Love homemade spices always.

Love this recipe! Homemade garam masala is the best :)

this is a great recipe to make masala

I usually get ready made, but this is so good gives me inspiration to make at home

Usually i'll go for store bought garam masala, thanks for pulling me to make some at home,simply loved this post.

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Is it okie if I dnt hv poppy seeds?

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