Masala Pav

We are entering the Blogging Marathon #47 and for this week I am going to showcase menu card recipes.Valli has given 4 menu cards and we need to choose 3 recipes from a menu card.
After seeing the menus card of chatkazz,I wanted to try some of the Mumbai road side recipes.
As I am a great fan of chaat items I wanted to try some of the recipes.I had masala pav long time back in a chaat corner and I liked it a lot.So I wanted to give a try and referred  some of the videos how its made in road sides.
The masala is made in a griddle then the pav is toasted with the masala with generous amount of butter.Here I made it using the griddle since I made it for two of us for our evening snack.
If you want to make it in large quantities,make the masala in a pan and toast it in a griddle.With no further delay lets move on to the recipe.....................................

Masala Pav

   Basic Information

    Preparation time ~10 minutes
    Cooking time ~ 30 minutes
    Serves ~ 2



Pav Buns
2-3 tbs
1 (medium size)
1 (large size)
Ginger&garlic paste
2 tsp
Red chilly powder/milagai podi
1/4 tsp
1 tsp
Turmeric powder/manjal podi
1/4 tsp
1/3 cup
1 tbs
1 tsp
Cumin seeds/jeeragam
1/2 tsp
Coriander leaves(chopped)
1-2 tbs

  • Keep all the ingredients ready and heat a griddle with oil and crackle the cumin seeds.Saute the chopped onion with a pinch of salt till it becomes transparent.Add in the ginger&garlic paste and fry it till the raw smell disappears.Now add in the chopped capsicum and fry it  for couple of minutes.

  • Once the capsicum becomes soft add in the chopped tomato and cook it till mushy.At this stage add in the spice powders and salt.Mix it well,add in around 1/4 cup of water and cook it in a low to medium flame for couple of minutes or till the raw smell goes off.

  • Add in the chopped coriander leaves and cook it for a minute,finally add a tsp of butter and mix it well. Now slit the pav bun and keep it on top of the masala and apply butter on the top of the bun.Cook it for 2 minutes.

  • Then carefully flip it to the other side and cook for another minute,make sure the masala coats well.Fold the pav carefully and transfer to a plate.

  • Serve it warm with a lemon wedge.


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I have never had masala pav but it sounds delicious. I am sure the pav bhaji masala gives it a lovely aroma. Beautiful pictures.

Super yum !! Mumbai roadside food thrives on this kind of food

omg am just drooling over the masala buns :) looks so tempting and love the presentation !!

Wow looks like a easy one and delicious too!!!nice clicks!

Never realised that masala pav is made this way!..lovely pictures Nalini..and you got me all drooling!

What spicy masala pav!! Looks very tempting with great pictures..

Omg, this is a killer dish, masala pav is just calling me, tooo tempting Nalini.

This is a famous Mumbai street food, irresistible.

Can i have it straight from the picture, oh yes please, the clicks are so so delicious!!! Masala pav looks super drooliciously awesome!!!

OMG what a tempting looking masala pav -- looks absolutely delicious.

Yummy looking masala pav! Love the pictures!

This is so awesome! You have really got me inspired with your stunning pictures :)

Wow..beautiful. the masala pav looks very inviting and this is a real treat from Mumbai.

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