Gothumai Payasam / Gothumai Pradhaman/ Broken Wheat payasam

For the day of Blogging Marathon#47 under the theme Indian desserts I am sharing a creamy payasam made with broken wheat rava.
This recipe I noted down from Chef Venkatesh Bhat and wanted to give it a try.He cooked the broken wheat(wheat rava) in a pressure cooker and made this payasam.But I fried the broken wheat in a tsp of ghee and cooked it in the pressure cooker.
Cooking it in the pressure cooker saves the time and broken wheat cooks perfectly.The flavor of coconut milk and the cardamom powder makes this payasm so rich and delicious.
I made it slightly in a thicker side if you want you can make it a slight thinner version.
As my jaggery was not dark I didn't get a dark brown color but the taste was awesome.Off to the recipe.......................

 Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 30 minutes
   Serves ~ 3


Broken Wheat/gothumai rava
1/4 cup
1/2 cup+ 1tbs
First extracted coconut milk
3/4 cup
Second extracted milk
1/2 cup
2-3 tbs
Cardamom powder/ellakai podi
a generous pinch
2-3 tsp
Coconut bits
2 tsp

  • Heat a pan with a tsp of ghee and roast the broken wheat in a medium flame till nice aroma come out and becomes golden.

  • Pressure cook it with a cup of water and a pinch of salt for 3-4 whistles in a medium flame.

  •  Meanwhile melt the jiggery with a cup of water and pass it through the strainer and keep in a pan.To this add the cooked broken wheat and mix it well.

  • To this add the second extracted coconut milk and cook it till it becomes thick.The add the first extracted milk and let it cook for one boil.

  • Meanwile in a small pan heat the ghee and fry the coconut bits and cashews to a golden color and add it to the payasam.Finally add the cardamom powder and mix it well.
  • Serve it warm.


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This recipe is off  to Cook Book Challenge #15 December week 4.


This is completely delecious dessert :) Loving it :)

Very delicious.. I make it similarly but without coconut milk n just use ordinary cow milk

Kheer looks inviting, love the addition of coconut milk here..

Nalini, that surely is a sinful dessert to payasams after a meal!

Very sinful. I am sure with all the coconut milk it tastes awesome!

Payasam looks so sinful . I love your presentation ..

That is such a delicious looking payasam. Love the use of broken wheat here. Perfect to make for prasadam. Will try soon.

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