Gulkand Icecream/Rose petal jam Icecream

We are entering the final week of blogging marathon #47 and this is the final week for this year BM edition.
Indian desserts is the theme,I chose to share for this week and today's one is a chilled dessert,made with gulkand aka rose petal jam or preserve.
When I was thinking to make some chilled Indian dessert the first thing came in my mind was gulkand icecream which bookmarked from Priyas blog.
In the original recipe milk and sugar is used.But I had some leftover condensed milk so used it,instead of milk and sugar.The end result is a flavorful and creamy icecream and we enjoyed to the core.Here goes the recipe......................................

                                                                Gulkand Icecream

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 15 minutes
   Cooking time ~ no cooking time
   Serves ~ 10-12


Fresh cream/Whipping cream
13/4 cups
Sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup
Gulkand/rose petal preserve/jam
4 tbs
Rose syrup/roofaza
2 tbs

  • Take the chilled whipping cream in a wide mouth bowl and using a hand blender beat it until it forms a stiff peak.

    • To this add in the condensed milk,gulkand and rose syrup,mix well with a spatula until everything blends well.Pour this mixture in a box or bowl and cover the top with a cling wrap.Put the lid on and keep it in the frezzer for 2-3 hours.

  • Take the bowl out from the freezer and mix it well with a spatula or spoon.Cover it again with the cling wrap and close it with the lid and freeze it for 6-8 hours or overnight.Yummy Gulkand icecrean is ready.

  • Serve it with some chopped nuts.


  •  If you are using milk and sugar,11/2 cups of milk and 1/2 cup of sugar can be used.
  •  Addition of rose syrup gives a nice color and flavor to the icecream.
  •  Chopped nuts can also be added for extra rich taste.

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    They look too good...nice clicks too

    That's a interesting ...using cream and condensed milk ..and I love gulkand. Truly very flavorful and aromatic.

    love the flavor of gulkand... nice idea in an ice cream!!!

    Hard to resist to this luscious icecream, thanks for trying Nalini.

    Lovely shot nalini!! Ice cream looks very luscious!! Must try!

    Can't thank u enuf for this recipe.. My daughter had this ice crrwm once n has been asking me to make it at home.. Will try very soon .. Thanks

    Wow those pictures are so beautifully clicked!..very nice ice cream!

    Beautiful clicks and icecream looks amazing.

    This ice cream is well presented, irresistible.

    Love the flavor of gulkand in ice cream. So yummy!!

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