Paruppu Puttu/Mixed Dhal Puttu

Puttu/Pittu is a breakfast dish popular in both Tamilnadu and Kelera made with proccessed rice flour.But today's version is with mixed lentils  and I have already posted moong dhal puttu.This recipe I adapted from Mallika Badrinath's tiffin varieties cook book.The procedure of the puttu is same as moong dhal puttu but there is slight change in the taste due to addition dhals in equal quantity.Here goes the recipe.................

Basic Information

Soaking Time - 2 hours
Preparation time - 10 minutes
Cooking Time - 20 minutes
Makes - 21/2cups


Toor dhal/thuvaram paruppu1/4cup
Channadhal/kadala paruppu1/4cup
Moong dhal/paasi paruppu1/4cup
Boiled Rice/pulungal arisi1/4cup
Sugar/sakkarai3/4-1 cup
Cardamom powder/elakkai1/2tsp


Soak the dhal and rice together for 2 hours and grind it to bit coarse paste with salt.Use water as needed.The batter should be in idly batter consistency.

Grease the idly plate and pour the ground mixture in each mould of the idly plate and steam it in the pressure cooker or idly steamer till it gets cooked.Take out the cooked dhal idly from mould. Crumble it with sprinkling little water,once it becomes warm(food processor works good) .

Now measure the the crumbled dhal mixture in a cup(tightly packed) and take little less than half a cup of sugar for each cup of crumbled dhal.Make sugar syrup by adding water to single string consistency,add the cardamom powder.Meanwhile in small pan fry the cashews in the ghee and set aside.Add in the crumbled dhal to the sugar syrup.

Mix it well then goes in  grated coconut and fried cashews.Mix it well and keep it in the low flame for a minute.

Paruppu puttu is ready


  • Instead of sugar jaggery or brown sugar can be used.
  • This puttu will be sticky when it is hot,becomes crumbly after cool down.
  • Do not keep in the flame not more than a minute after adding everything in the sugar syrup otherwise it will turn hard and rubbery.
  • Grinding the dhals in the food processor gives a perfect coarse batter.
  • Savory version can be made with this crumbled dhal mixture,just do the tempering with mustard,urad and green chillies.Then add the crumbled dhal mixture,salt and mix it well.Finally squeeze 1/2 lemon.
  • I got the dhal crumbles around 21/2 cups so used 1 cup of sugar,the sweetness was perfect for us but if you want u can reduce it but don't add more than one cup.

This recipe is off to Cook Book Challenge #3 December week 1.


Healthy and delicious puttu.. A very comforting dish.. :)

this is a very healthy and tasty puttu

I had tried raagi pottu, this looks so delicious! shall try out soon :) Thanks for sharing ur version :)

wow..this sounds interesting, very healthy and filling puttu, nice choice for breakfast or snack..will give it a try soon...nice clicks Nalini!

Paruppu puttu sounds awesome. They look delicious and are made using easily available utensils.

This is a new recipe to me. Looks good and lovely pictures.

nutrituious puttu and gr8 snack for kids, love it!!!

Great clicks!!!!!!!

Lovely clicks, Nalini! Interesting & healthy recipe as well :)

This looks delicious and I love your clicks! Making it all with different lentils makes it very healthy as well :)

That looks delish and healthy. We are not big sweet people at home and I might just attempt a savory version of this

love this healthy puttu si good and so great for tummy got to try it.

what a healthy way to start the day

Nalini, this is so healthy and the taste I am sure so heavenly!

Puttu looks so healthy and delicious.

Puttu looks inviting and healthy as well.

superb clicks and its very healthy puttu aks... surely gonna try soon...

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