Mango Kulfi

Kulfi is a frozen Indian dessert made by evaporating milk and other flavoring agents and freeze in a kulfi mould.
My family loves to eat ice cream especially the mango flavor and I tried this mango kulfi with the store bought mango pulp.
I have adapted the recipe from Tarladalal and came out very delicious and now to the recipe of exotic kulfi................


Milk powder1/4cup
Condensed milk1/2cup
Sugar 2tbs
Mango pulp1cup
Cardamom Powder(optional)1/4tsp


  • Mix all the ingredients except mango pulp in a heavy bottom pan and bring it to a boil.Then simmer it for 10 -15 minutes until the mixture gets thick and let it cool.
  • Once the mixture gets cool down completely add the mango pulp and mix it well.
  • Pour it in a kulfi mould or posicle mould and freeze it for minimum 6-8 hours or completely set.
  • To unmould the kulfi run it under the tap water for 30 seconds and pull it gently.
  • Mango kulfi is ready.

  • Add the mango pulp to the milk mixture after it is completely cool down.
  • Adding cardamom powder is purely optional.
  • I used the popsicle mould to make the kulfi,if you are using plastic glasses put the mixture and freeze it halfway then insert a popsicle stick,wrap it with a foil and freeze it again.


wow cool refreshing mango kulfi

It's not just any mango kulfi, it is rocket-shaped mango kulfi! :D

I love the font on your first pic. Is it in Photoshop?

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Rocket shaped kulfi! How nice and refreshing.

Refreshing kulfi...cute shape..

Rocket mango kulfi looks very cute, sounds very yummy...refreshing treat for summer!! well made !!

Very well made Nalini & pics are amazing as always.

Mango kulfi is giving a standing ovation. Looks delicious.

Am in love with ur moulds, looks cute and damn attractive,who will say no to this yummy kulfi.

Cute rocket kulfis...Looks delicious.

every other blogger these days is tempting me into this by posting their own version.. Grrhhh !!!

yours look too tempting to resist.. Love the bright color

Love the rocket shape of kulfi...

best for this season... :)

wow dear !!!!I came across so many delicious mango recipes today !!!the kulfi looks absolutely drool worthy...loved it !!!!

Recently Tried this mango khulfi, turned out so good. Thanks for this easy n yummy recipe Nalini!

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