Corn Flour Halwa

For the final week of blogging marathon#17 I have chosen the Indian sweets payasam and halwa theme,today's recipe is cornflour halwa.This halwa is also known as Karachi Halwa.
Corn flour halwa is a delicious and excellent halwa which can be made in no time with easily available ingredients and lesser amount of ghee.Here goes the recipe for simple halwa.........


Corn Flour1/2cup
Cashews(finely chopped)2-3tbs
Elachi powder/ellakai podi1/2tsp
Food colour(red or orange)a pinch


                        Fry the cashews in 1/2tsp of ghee and grease a small plate or tray with little ghee.Mix the corn flour with 11/2cups of water along with the food color without any lumps,keep aside.Heat a heavy bottom pan and add the sugar and 1 cup of water,bring it to a boil till it becomes thick(no need of any string consistency).
Add the corn flour mixture slowly to the sugar syrup and stir it continuously to avoid any lumps till it becomes thick.
At this stage add the ghee and mix it well till the mixture becomes glossy and transparent.Put off the stove.
Now add the elaichi powder and fried cashews to it and give it a mix,then transfer it to the greased plate.Slice it after it completely cool down.
Corn flour halwa is ready.


  • Do not compromise on the amount of sugar,otherwise it does not taste good.
  • After adding the corn flour mixture it is important to stir continuously to avoid lumps.
  • Nuts such as pumpkin seeds,cucumber seeds and almonds can also added for extra rich taste.
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wow.. excellent and perfectly made..

Love that glossy texture of this halwa!!! Superbly done!!!!

Perfectly made delicious halwas..

Hi Nalini ,

neat and step by step presentation!!!

It looks perfect:)

Keep o9n Nalini ..

looks so gelatinous - must be yummy

Simple and colorful halwa! Looks so yummy!

superbly made Nalini ! wish I had more people at home who would have this... If I were to make it for just 2 people, would I need to halve / quarter all ingredients ? Do let me know..thanks !

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Thanks yaar..have been wanting to try this halwa since long...Finally got the recipe!..looks fantastic!!

wow...corn Halwa looks so delicious n colorful, perfectly done n looks very tempting!!
Spicy Treats

Looks delicious, my draft has this recipe. Will post soon. Nice clicks.

Yummy one..your step by step looks so nice..

Looks so yummy. Love the color of the halwa. Just a question, does it taste anything like wheat halwa (I love that texture)?

Super colour and looks yummy!!!!!

Looks so nice. Loved the neat squares...

Looks like store bought ones. Inviting halwa.

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Looks colorful and perfectly made. Lovely presentation too..

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Irresistible glossy halwa, i dont bother to have some even its only breakfast time for me.

Irresistible glossy halwa,i dont mind having some rite now even its only breakfast time for me.

Sure to try the idea. Looks very tempting too

Delicious n colorful halwa, looks so inviting.

So colourful and lovely..

looks perfect and yummy halwa:)

What a color..!!??Perfect bite sized pieces.Loving it .Wonderful snaps.

Was thinking to make this halwa since long time. Ur looks perfect. will surely try ur recipe

i have made it couple of times..but still have jitters ....liked ur step by step

Wow..loved the colour..bookmarking it..

Wow.....Karachi halwa made at home.....incredible & looks perfect.

Hi Nalini
tried this halwa, came out well and liked it a lot. thanks for this wonderful recipe...
Posted it on my space too..check out my
Corn Flour Halwa Here

Hi Nalini
I tried out this halwa and it came out superb. Thanks a lot...

thank u!!!! it was so gooood!!!!

Yummy halwa,I tried it,it tasted gud with nice colour but wasnt so glossy like urs,any suggestion?

Hi simrit

If the corn flour cooked properly,you will get a nice glossy look.The amount of water is more important to get the cornflour cooked..

Hi simrit

If the corn flour cooked properly,you will get a nice glossy look.The amount of water is more important to get the cornflour cooked..

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