Javvarisi Vathal/Kanji Vathal/Sago Fryums

Vadams/vathal are my family's favorite and my kiddo eats it like a snack,we make different varieties of vathal in summer and store it.Usually I get it from India and this summer I wanted to try by myself as the weather is hot here.Since this is my first try I made a small batch and came out very well and like to share.This is a very simple and easy to make vadam and it is also called as kanji vathal in some places.Here is the recipe....


Green chilly5-7nos.
Cumin seeds/jeergam11/2tsp
Saltto taste
Curry leaves/karivepillai2sprigs


                          Grind the green chillies,rice flour and asafoetida and keep aside.Soak the sago for 30 minutes and cook it in a pressure cooker with 51/2 cups of water in a medium flame for 5-6 whistles.Once the pressure subsides,open the lid.
 Add the green chilly and rice flour paste to the cooked sago and turn on the stove and mix it till it gets cooked and becomes thick.Finally add the salt and cumin seeds and mix it well and let it cool to room temperature.
Spread a plastic sheet or wet cotton cloth under the sunlight and drop a spoonful of batter an inch apart.Let it dry for a day or till 3/4th is dried,after it is 3/4th dried,peel them from the plastic sheet or cloth and transfer it to a plate or tray and dry it completely for another 2-3 days.
After it is completely dried store it in an air tight container.
Fry it in the hot oil whenever it is needed and serve it with any rice preparation or have it as such as a snack.


  • The batter should be in dropping consistency,if it is too thick after cooling,adjust it with hot water. 
  • If the batter is too thin add a tbs of rice and mix it well and cook it till it reached the desired consistency. 
  • The batter becomes thick upon cooling so adjust the consistency after cooling if it is not in the dropping consistency. 
  • Food color can also be added if you want it colorful.
  • Just drop the batter on the sheet or cloth,do not flatten it with the ladle to thin,otherwise it stick to the cloth or sheet.
  • If you are using the cloth to drop the vathal,before peeling the dried vathal sprinkle little water on the back side of the cloth and keep it for 5 minutes.
  • Instead of green chillies,red chillies can also be used and the color will be in pale orange. 
  • The sago can be powdered and used,if you don't want the whole sago.
  • I used 1 red chilly and 5 green chillies.


Javvarisi vathal looks delicious. I need to make some.

Nice vadam! I made these for last season..still have some tomato & onion vadam sitting in my pantry! :)

wow...absolutely love the sagoo fry!!!!never made this snack be4....thnx for sharing :-)

absolutely love these with rice,yummy yum..great job,Nalini:-)

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Great Nalini!! I never tried any vathal/vadagam except the left over rice vathal :)
My H n Kids love this a lot,same like Praveen they too love to eat as a snack...will try it sometime !!

I love this ......and looks so gud ....

My fav...mom used to make this every year...but i never tried... vadam looks crispy and crunchy. great job.

Love this fryums simply with sambhar rice, am planning to make some once sun god shows his face here..Well done Nalini.

Hi Nalini ,

Very very good idea ,

nice saver... Season recipe !!!


these are my favorite vadams...Nice recipe

I love these... didn't know this is how it's made...

I've never made vadams from scratch, looks too good..

Super awesome Nalini......I made them last summer for the 1st time, they turned out well & have been sitting in my drafts ever since......but your's look much better & crispier. Thanks for sharing & nice pics as always.

looks simple and good.. never tried this..

Love these fryums. But buy it off the supermarket shelf!

Yummy fryums, one of my favorite vadams.

looks so easy to prepare and delicious...lovely!

Hi Nalini,

I came across this recipe while googling. Can these vadams be dried in conventional oven with warm mode on and off instead of sun dried? Just a thought...appreciate your reply

My family's competitive nature also means that they tend to do things like spill sprinkles every where and cover everything in sight with icing so it was a good thing we were outside.

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