Carrot Juice

Today's recipe is a  fresh,colorful,vitamin packed,healthy juice which can be made in a jiffy.The weather is getting hotter day by day here and wanted to drink something cold.
Usually I make carrot juice with apple or lemon but last week in a T.V show,a popular chef made this juice with orange.I wanted to give a try with orange juice instead of lemon juice,came out so delicious and refreshing.Now to the recipe...........


Baby carrots20-25nos.
Wateras needed
Salta pinch


             Chop the carrots and put it a blender,pulse it without adding water.
Once it is finely minced add water and puree it till it become a paste. Now strain it using a strainer and extract the juice completely,again pulse the pulp with litltle water,extract it.
Add the orange juice and salt,sugar.Add the ice water and mix it well.Refrigerate for 15-minutes and serve.
Add the ice water and mix it well.Refrigerate for 15-minutes and serve.

  • Instead of sugar,honey can be added.If the carrots are sweet enough the no need to add sugar or honey.
  • Fresh orange juice tastes better compared to the store bought orange juice.
  • For an extra flavor,a tsp of fresh ginger juice can be added. 
  • If you are using the regular big carrots 3nos. can be used for the given measurement.
Sending this one to the Show me your Hits event started by Sangeetha of Spicy Treats and guest hosted by Anusha of Tomato Blues.


The colour looks so bright Nalini.

This is one very delicious juice Nalini......I have been making the same combo for a long time. No cold drink can beat the taste of this juice. Thanks for sharing.

wow,.....awesome refreshing n healthy juice....

Sounds so refreshing and I love the color :)

Carrot juice looks awesome.

very refreshing and awesome drink.. color is a plus point..

colorful healthy refreshing juice!!

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So refreshing & healthy!!!Nice color too..
Prathima Rao
Prats Corner

What a vibrant color...A very healthy and refreshing drink

Love this, very healthy and nutritious..

Thats a very refreshing drink...

lovely color and healthy juice.. very refreshing!!!

juice recipes are very good indeed and I really like

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