Semiya/Vermicelli Payasam

Blogging Marathon#27 has started from today and this marathon is going to be a very special which is a 30 days marathon.
For this month Valli has chosen a 30 days marathon with 4 different themes for each week and this week,s theme is Occasion.
Under this theme we need to showcase the recipes which is prepared during occasions such as wedding,birthday,anniversary.
Today I am sharing a simple and delicious payasam with vermicelli popular in occasions.None of the South Indian occasion meal won't be complete without the payasam and vadai.
Coming to the recipe I wanted to make the payasam along with the colored sago which is usually served in the wedding menu.So I started hunting colored sago in Indian grocery unfortunately it is not available here.But for my surprise I got the colored vermicelli instead of sago,made this evergreen payasam served in the weddings.Now off to the recipe.........................


Cashews 3tbs
Cardamom powder/ellaki podi 1/4tsp
Condensed milk1/4cup(optional)



  • Addition of condensed milk is purely optional but it gives a richness to the payasam,if you are not adding increase the sugar quantity to 1 cup.
  • The amount of milk can de adjusted according to the consistency.
  • Raisins can also be added and for extra flavor rose or vanilla extract can be added.

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First time seeing the colored vermicille. love the colors.

Havent seen coloured vermicelli earlier. Awesome click ...very nice

i too haven't seen colored vermicelli .. yummy and lovely click dear :)

Wow! Looks sooooo colorful ! Love it...

looks delicious, loved the colorful vermicelli!

The colored semiya makes this payasam really pretty looking...Lovely presentation

I never used coloured semiya, infact didn't know you get it..:0)..the picture looks awesome Nalini..

Coloured semiya makes this payasam more catchy, love to finish that glass.

Woow what a colorful and yummy paysam...i too never saw colorful vermicilli before

Colourful things always take the enthusiasm to a new level, be it crayons or food! Love this payasam :)

lovely presentation and so colorful..

Love it! the presentation, picture & the lovely looking paysam.

wow love this colourful vermicelli,yummy payasam and the clicks:)

I have never seen colored vermicelli :) Stunning it looks. What an awesome presentation

first time seeing colorful semiya.. looks great

colorful semiya payasam with awesome clicks..

great presentation,Nalini..yummy payasam!!

Nice twist with colorful semiya ...looks yum with those awesome vadas

These pictures have taken the humble semiya payasam to new heights!! Never knew that Semiya is available in colors!!

The colorful payasam looks awesome so also the presentation that you have made using vermicelli .
Wating for the vadai recipe.

Love this colorful vermicelli... so attractive and tasty

looks very attractive , and nice colorful vermicelli

I never knew we get colorful vermicelli, looks cool...

I have never seen colored vermicilli! What a lovely presentation and the color add to the festivity :)

I have never come across colored vermicelli, so far. I truly agree that vermicelli kheer has somewhat a festive touch to it.

looks very tempting. Irresistible.

These are cute vermicelli and makes my job easier in feeding my kids..Your pictures are stunning as usual ..

Didn't know about coloured vermicelli. The payasam looks delicious and inviting...

Colored vermicelli is so new to me. This makes the payasam all the more special and prettier!

I absolutely love the second click. Awesome. Multi coloured payasam looks inviting!

Love your clicks.. especially with the vadas.. I love the payasam with colorful semiya

Colourful semiya and all those ribbons and this payasam looks good to grace even a birthday party. Awesome job

oh the cute decorated glass!!! reminds me of baby shower decorations with pink and blue!!! delicious payasam!

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Beautiful clicks.Coloured vermicelli rocks.

What a colorful Payasam. I don't think I've seen colored vermicelli in the grocery store. Will look for it on my next indian store trip.

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I am so excited to start my 27th blogging marathon. This is going to be a very special blogathon which is going to change the way I see do my coursework online blogging and my life. I want to make a difference in the blogging world by sharing my own experiences and what I have learned from this experience. I want to inspire others who are looking for inspiration and motivation.

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