Watermelon Lemonade

Today's post under the combo theme for Blogging Marathon#16 is Kid's summer delight and the recipe is watermelon lemonade which is my kiddo's all time favorite.
Last week it was so hot here and my kiddo wanted to drink or eat something cold after coming back from school.
Watermelon and strawberry are his favorite fruits and he likes to eat these two fruits in anytime.So I made this watermelon and strawberry lemonade(recipe soon) for him every other day and he enjoyed each every sip.Here is the recipe for refreshing drink.......


Watermelon cubes11/2-2cups
Lemon juice1/2cup
Ice water1cup
Ice cubesas needed

  • In a pan add 1/4cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of water,bring it to boil till the sugar dissolves.Put off the stove.
  • Puree the watermelon in a blender and pass it through a fine mesh.
  • Stir in 1cup of water,lemon juice,sugar syrup and watermelon puree.
  • Put some ice cubes in a glass and pour the prepared watermelon lemonade.
  • Serve it immediately.

  • Instead of ice water sparkling water or soda can be used.
  • Remove the seeds in the watermelon before puree it. 
  • The amount of lemon juice can be increased or decreased according to preference.
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one of my fav drink, i too made this last week n loved it! yours looks very refreshing...lovely!!
Spicy Treats

Water melon lemonade looks delicious.

very very refreshing Nalini..lovely clicks!!

Lovely colour and your picture edits are cute..

No stepwise pictures this time? ;)

Perfect summer cooler!

Absolute thirst quencher nice clicks too

A must have drink for summer....the lemonade looks super delicious and so does your pictures.

beautiful clicks...very refreshing and enjoyable!

Perfect n refreshing for this summer

Excellent and super refreshing lemonade..

wow...so refreshing.......

What a colorful drink! Looks so vibrant and very refreshing. Love the glasses!

Beautiul colour!!loved this cool and so refreshing drink..

refreshing summer cooler..perfect!!!

Refreshing ond during scorching summer days.

We love this refreshing drink! Posted a similar recipe last week :)

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