Ulli Theeyal/Shallots in Tamarind and Coconut Sauce

Ulli Theeyal is a typical Kerala dish in which shallots are cooked in tamarind,roasted coconut paste and other spices.My mom learned this dish from one her colleague and I from her.Since everybody in my house likes this one she makes it weekly once(mostly on Sundays) and serve it rice and papads.Here goes the recipe......


Shallots/Pearl onion10-15nos.
Tamarind paste2tsp
Turmeric powder1/2tsp
Curry leaves1 sprig
Mustard seeds/kadugu1/2tsp
Urad dhal/ullutham paruppu1tsp
Saltto taste

To roast and grind
Red chilly4-5nos.
Coriander/dhaniya seeds2tsp
Cumin seeds/jeeragam1/2tsp
Fenugreek seeds/vendhayam1/8tsp

                           Cut the shallots into small pieces,dry roast the ingredients given for roasting and grind it to a smooth paste with little water and keep aside.
Heat a pan with the oil and crackle the mustard seeds and urad dhal.Add the onions,curry leaves and saute it till it becomes transparent.Now add the tamarind paste,ground paste and salt.
Add a cup of water and turmeric powder,let it boil till the raw smell goes off and becomes thick.
Ulli Theeyal is ready.Serve it with hot rice and papad.

  • Instead of coriander seeds,coriander powder can be used which needs to be roasted after the coconut and red chillies fried.
  • I used both Kashmiri red chilly and regular red chilly to get the color and taste.


Delicious looking theeyal..such a lovely colour.

yummyyy, love them with rice :-)

looking wonderful I have one in my drafts

curry looks too tempting Nalini...excellent preparation!!

Wow lip smacking curry..luv ur version

My fav kulambu..Perfectly made.

Slurp, fingerlicking ulli theeyal,fantastic clicks..

Beautiful clicks, very nicely done,can see the oil floating on the top..

curry looks amazing and delicious

This is very flavorful and quite tempting

this is just the best kozhambu variety for me... mouth watering...

btb, I tried the ashoka halwa. it came out fab. will post my version soon. will link to your original post... thanks so much

Delicious ulli theeyal..tempting..
happy to follow u..do visit mine in ur free time..

Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

This makes my mouth water - I know this is a kerala version of the tamilian vethakozhambu - I have to make this week!!! thanks for this delicious post :)

Hello, i am very interested in this recipe. I am confused. WHen you say to use tamarind paste, do you mean dried tamarind soaked in water or something like TAMCOM. thank you. i cannot wait to make this one.

Hi anonymous the tamarind paste I mention is thick paste which is made out of dried tamarind soaked in less water.If you are using store bought like TAMCON the amount can be reduced to 1-11/2tsp since it is very thick....

Mouthwatering! Nalini. The presentation is very appetizing. I love theeyal.

Best wishes.

Mira’s Talent Gallery

:-) Mira

Looks soooo tempting , nice clicks too.

HI. What should I do if use too much of the tamarind paste?

Honestly everyone must appreciate your effort I like your blog you made to share the knowledge. The topic here I found was really useful to the topic which I was researching.

That is very good to hear. I will try to follow your example...don't think it will be too hard as we have trouble drinking all our milk in the summer, anyways. Any tips on how long ice cream made by the machine lasts stored?

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