Baath cake/Semolina cake/Goan Semolina and Coconut Cak

For the final week of Blogging Marathon#26 I chose the Goan cuisine as theme and today,s recipe is going to be a flavorful cake called Baath Cake.
Goan cuisine is influenced by Portuguese colonization,famous for sea food and lots of unique vegetarian dishes.
The baath cake or semolina cake has a very unique flavor which is prepared during the Christmas time in Goa.
This is a simple cake which doesn't need of fancy ingredients and the cake comes out fluffy and light if it soaks for altleast 8 hours or overnite.
The recipe I adapted from Priya's blog and tweaked slightly.The original recipe calls for 3 eggs but I used 2 as we don't like too much of egg flavor in cake so added an extra one tbs of butter.Here is the recipe................................  


Powdered sugar11/2cups
All purpose flour/maida 3tbs
Corn flour 1tbs
Butter(room temperature)/vennai5tbs
Baking powder2tsp
Salta pinch
Vanilla extract2tsp
Finely chopped nutsto garnish


Mix well all purpose flour,finely grated coconut,powdered sugar,semolina,corn flour and baking powder in a bowl and keep aside. Beat the eggs with an electric hand blender till it becomes fluffy.
Then add the butter and beat it well. Now to the egg mixture gradually add the dry ingredients and mix it well with a spatula.Add milk as needed to get a pouring consistency. Cover the mixture and keep it for 8 hours or overnite in a room temperature or refrigerator depending upon the climate.
After 8 hours of soaking take the batter and add the vanilla extract and mix it. Pre heat the oven to 340 degree Fahrenheit and transfer the dough to a greased pan,garnish it with the chopped nuts..Bake it for 30-35 minutes or a tooth pick comes out clean.
Cool it on a cooling rack and cut into desired shape. Baath Cake is ready.

  • Use the room temperature butter and if you r keeping it in the refrigerator then take it out an hour before and keep it the room temperature,then bake it. 
  • Instead of fresh grated coconut,dessicated coconut can also be used but the flavor will be better with the fresh coconut. 
  • Do not over bake the cake as it turns hard and after 25 minutes check it every other minute to get a perfect cake.
  • The coconut can be grated finely or it can be grind to a coarse paste.
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Bath cake looks so soft and delicious, Nalini...
Love the clicks. :)

New to me...Looks really delicious

looks delicious, have to bookmark it, i think semolina and coconut are combination to die for

looks perfect... semolina and coconut are a great combo!!
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I know how delicious and addictive this cake will be, Thanks Nalini for trying and am happy they turned out fabulously good to u.

Wow very temping bake,loved to grab a slice...

Looks perfect with a cup of tea, love the coconut flavor..

What a delightful dish are so nice..

Fantastic cake with rava...

awesome recipe...very inviting it

wow...baath cake sounds so flavorful n delicious, u have done it so well Nalini! lovely pics n presentation..nice!

very appealing ..I tried it without eggs long time back ..should try out again..

Looks super soft n delicious!!! Bookmarking to try an eggless version!!!! :)

Beautiful cake Nalini looks superb :) I always wanted to try it

I read it somewhere that this is a turkish delight too :) Glad to read about Goa.

Wow, baath cake looks delicious. I wanted to make it for BM too, but couldn't. Will have to try this later.

Lovely and delicious. Beautiful clicks.

Is there anyone or any shop which sells baath cake in mumbai? pls let me know .. thanks and good day !!

hey could you tel me instead of an oven how can we bake it on a gas stove

could you email me the reply on

What is the size of the pan???

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