Onion Podi Uthappam / Podi Uthappam

For the day 2 of final week in Cooking Carnival is onion,podi uthappam.Uthappam is a thick pancake like dosa can be made plain or with toppings.When it comes to toppings so many variations are made.
Onion uthappam is a popular one and everybody likes it and every household has their own version.

Coming to the recipe,I have adapted this recipe in a cookery show and its quite popular in a particular shop in Chennai.Its a onion uthappam sprinkled with a spicy garlic podi/powder and cooked using generous amount of ghee.This uthappam is served along with mint chutney and onion coriander chutney.

The exact recipe for the podi/powder was not given but I tried my own version and used it.
The podi came out so flavorful and when its sprinkled along with onion,it makes the uthappam so tasty.

                                Onion Podi Uthappam/Podi Uthappam

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 25 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 2-3 minutes/utahppam
   Makes ~ 2-5


  For the podi

Channa dhal/kadala paruppu
1/4 cup
Toor dhal/thuvaram paruppu
2 tbs
Urad dhal/ulutham paruppu
1/4 cup
Moong dhal/paasiparuppu
1 tbs
Red chilly/varamilagai
Sesame seeds/yellu
2 tbs
Curry leaves/karivepillai
4-5 spigs
6-7 fat cloves
2 tsp
1 tsp or to taste
  To make uthappam

3 cups
as needed to cook
Onion (finely chopped)
2 (medium size)
Coriander and curry leaves
as needed(finely chopped)

  • Add 1/2 tsp of oil and fry the dhals  and red chilly in a medium flame till the color changes and slightly golden.Once the dhals become nice and crisp remove it.Fry curry leaves till the curry leaves turned crisp.Remove it from the keep it.
  • Add the sesame seeds in the pan and fry it for a minute and remove it.Now fry the crushed garlic in the pan and fry it for a minute and remove it.Let all the ingredients get cool down.
  • After cooling grind the red chillies, curry leaves,salt and  give it a pulse.Now add the dhals and sesame seeds to it and grind it to a bit coarse powder.Now add the garlic and pulse it.Do not run the blender continuously.The spicy garlic powder is ready.
  • Now take the  batter and adjust the consistency with water.Mix the chopped onion,curry leaves and coriander leaves together and keep it aside.Heat a griddle and once it becomes hot ,add a drop of oil and wipe it off with a paper and keep the flame in medium.Pour a ladleful of batter and spread it to a circle(no need to spread it too thin).
  • Now sprinkle the chopped onion and  on top of the uthappam,then sprinkle the spicy garlic powder.Press it gently,drizzle ghee and cook it for a minute or till it gets golden.
  • Flip it to the other side and cook it for a minute, add a tsp of ghee.Keep it in a flame for another 30 seconds.Remove it from the pan.
  • Serve it with mint chutney.

  • While pouring the batter on the griddle,the flame should in medium.Then only it will be easy to spread and no need to spread so thin.
  • Use a flat base ladle to spread the dosa.
  • After keeping the onion and spicy powder,gently press it and cook it in a medium flame.


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Very tempting presentation and a flavorful podi for sure.

That flavorful podi must have made this uthappam extra special.

That looks so spicy and am drooling here..

the onion uttapam with spicy garlic podi looks so tempting. Uttapam is my husband's favorite. Will make it to please him :)

The podi sounds very flavorful , and will make any sosa or uttapam very delicious .

That is a flavorful podi and uttappam looks amazing smeared with the podi.

Smeared with podi makes this already irresistible uthapam to an another level, my mouth is just watering here.

This podi looks so flavourful, adding which the uthappam is even more tastier.. I just cant take my eyes off these pictures, Nalini! What a great way to present!!

I love that podi. Drooling here. Yummniess overloaded.

What a spicy and delicious podi Uttappam. Looks amazing.

just wrapped my dinner, yet that garlic podi is taking the uttapam several notches high ! great recipe for the podi - bookmarking this....

Oh my I am drooling over this uttappam. Looks so inviting. Wish I could grab one from screen.

Making this podi tomorrow. The girls are eating podis and I want to encash on it as soon as possible.

Your presentation rocks!..I love this one and often make it..so delicious right!

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