Idiyappam/String Hoppers

Idiyappam or string hoppers is a rice flour based dish popular both in Tamilnadu and Kerala. The difference is,in Tamilnadu it's served with sweetened coconut milk whereas in Kerala a spicy egg or chicken curry is accompanied.
Idiyappam needs the processed rice flour and is made in large quantities in most of the households.I usually get my Idiyappam flour from India and use it.Once in a while I make it on my own here if I needed.
Back in India in my house large quantity of rice is soaked for an hour or two then drained and dried in a shade for 30-40 minutes.The damp rice is powdered in a commercial mill.Then the rice flour is either dry roasted or steamed,after that the flour is dried in the sunlight for 2-3 days.Then its stored in an airtight container for future use.Though the process of making rice flour is time consuming,the output of idiyappam is very soft and tasty.
Coming to the pictures,it was a real hard time for me to click and clicking a white dish is bit difficult.Also I don't have any dark colored plate,the white colored dish was not appealing with the plate I used.Will update the pictures soon with some dark props.

                                                                    Idiyappam/String Hoppers

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 2-3 hours
   Cooking time ~ 10-12 minutes
   Makes ~ around 2 cups of flour

  To make the processed rice flour

Raw rice/pacharisi
2 cups

  • Rinse the rice for 3-4 times in water and soak with adequate water for 2-3 hours.After that drain the water completely and spread it on a towel,dry it under the shade for 30-45 minutes.The dampness should be in the rice.Now take small quantity of rice in a mixie jar and grind it to a fine powder.
  • Continue for the rest of the rice and now heat a heavy bottom pan in a stove.Take half of the flour and dry roast till a fine line can be drawn with the roasted flour.With the wet flour the line breaks.
  • Now take the roasted flour in a fine meshed sifter,sieve it.The lumps and coarser grain will be left on the sifter.Powder it once again and sift it. Leave the sifted flour on the counter for a day or two to get dried completely if you are going to keep it for longer time.

  • Store it in an airtight container.
  To make Idiyappam

 Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 10 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 10-12 minutes
   Serves ~ 2


Idiyappam flour
1 cup
1 tsp
1/2 tsp
Boiling water
to knead the flour


  • Now take the flour,salt and oil in a bowl.Add the rolling boil water to the flour and knead it well with a spatula.Cover the dough with a plate to avoid drying.Now take the murukku press with the fine sev/idiyappam blade.Fill the prepared dough in the murukku maker.
  • Grease the idly plate with few drops of oil and squeeze the dough on the plate.Meanwhile keep the idly pot with water to get hot.Once the water becomes hot keep the plate inside and steam for 3-4 minutes or till its cooked completely.

  • Serve it warm with coconut milk


  • While roasting the flour,keep the flame in a medium and stir it continuously to avoid burning and color change.
  • If you are making the flour in large quantity,powder the rice and roast the flour in batches.
  • After the dough is made cover the dough with a plate or damp cloth to prevent drying..
  • While squeezing the idiyappam on the idly plate, do not layer it so much.
  • Do not cook the idiyappam for too long time,it cooks very fast.


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Such lovely pics Nalini.. Really loved your presentation.. :) :) Such a nice post.

Beautiful pics / loved the ones from
The murukku achchu especially

Gosh Nalini your pictures are so stunning!...I can't seem to take off my eyes from any of them...

mesmerizing pictures idiyappam, nice choice

wow such beautiful pictures Nalini and idiyappam looks so soft and delicious...

Omg the pictures are stunning Nalini. Girl you are rocking with your clicks.Idiyappam looks so perfect.

Very filling and definitely my kind of food, just love with sugar and coconut milk. Drooling already.

I absolutely love idiyappam with coconut milk and sugar. This is in fact my mothers favorite and she would order it every time we would eat out.

Beautiful pics. Just now was telling at ruchi's blog.. I have this under sevai.. very nice.. amazing that you did everything from scratch.

Awesome clicks Nalini. Idiyappams turned out so perfect.

Your I disappear has turned out perfect, Nalini. It is made in Karnataka too.

I have been meaning to make idiyappam for a long time. I loved your recipe and the step by step instructions. Lovely pick for I!

The idiyappam looks so beautiful and specially made from home made flour..kudos..wonder how you manage so much. The pics are so beautiful.

Its really delicious, I normally make this at home and serve it with coconut milk. The coconut milk doubles its taste.

Your idiyappam has turned out perfect Nalini. And your snaps are awesome. I don't find any problem with the plates. They look amazing..

Your clicks are amazing Nalini, love the idiyappam too, picture perfect:)

It looks so nice. My mom used to make it I have never tried it myself. Beautiful pics.

Beautiful pictures, specially the action shots. Idiyappam looks yummy.

Perfectly made idiappam. Love the stunning pictures.

you and sandhya are killing me with this homemade rice flour - couldnt imagine it - btw photos still look awesome white noodles still pops in the photos

OMG...I cant just take my eyes of the make it look so simple....Awesome post

those clicks are awesome. especially the ones with coconut milk and sugar. just can't take the eyes off them. And idiyappam is my favourite breakfast. I too presented idiyappam as the dish starting with "I"

This article is really worth every moment.

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