Homemade Nannari Syrup/How to make Homemade Nannari Syrup

Again H is one such difficult alphabet to choose a Tamil recipe, so used a clause and sharing a simple post.
Nannari aka India Sarasaparilla is a natural body coolant.The roots of the Sarasaparilla are often used to make the syrup and it has lot of medicinal values,used in Ayurvedic medicine.

Nannari sarbath is a popular drink in most of the road side shops especially in summer.Nannari sarbath is a natural thirst quencher made using nannari syrup and lemon juice along with crushed ice.
Will share the recipe of nannari sarbhat with the syrup soon.

As we don't get the nannari syrup here I missed this sarbhat a lot.After seeing so many homemade nannari syrup in the blogosphere I tried to make it at home.So during my last India trip I got a packet of nannari root from the Ayurvedic shop.

I made this syrup in a small quantity for my first trial and came out so good and flavorful.These days enjoying the nannari sarbhat a lot on sunny days.Since there is no preservatives used it can be stored in the refrigerator for 1-1.5 months.Lets move on to the recipe......................

                                                                    Homemade Nannari Syrup

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 7 -8 hours
   Cooking time ~ 20 -25 minutes
   Makes ~ around 1 cup of syrup



Nannari root/Nannari ver
25 gms
3/4 cup
2 cups
Lemon juice
2 tsp

  • Wipe the nannari root with a clean cloth to remove any debris.Now using a motar and pestle crush the root couple of times.Now the black portion come out from the white woody portion.Keep the black portion separately which is used to make the syrup.Discard the white woody portion.Take the black portion in a blender jar.
  • Pulse it in a blender for couple of times to get it powdered.Boil the water to a rolling boil.
  • Now add the pulsed nannari root to it and put off the flame.Cover it with a plate and let it stand undisturbed for 6-7 hours or overnight.Now strain it in a doubled folded cloth and collect the water in a bowl and discard the residue.
  • Now to the collected liquid add the sugar and mix it well.Now in a thick bottom sauce pan boil the liquid till it reaches a thick consistency,like honey.Put off the flame.
  • Let it come to the room temperature,now add in the lemon juice and mix it well.Transfer it to a glass bottle.
  • Store it in the refrigerator.


    • The amount of sugar given was just perfect,I added some sugar while making the sarbhat.
    • The syrup needs to be like honey consistency,addition lemon prevents crystallization.
    • If you want the syrup to be colorful add a pinch of orange food color.


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    Fantastic clicks !..the sharbath is new to me...looks very refreshing.

    we tried it at pondy last year ...althought it took a while, i got around the flavor and know what it is a must have in summers down south, the pics are fabulous

    Wow the pictures are so fabulous Nalini..the clicks are stunning..

    Pictures are great and backlighting is apt for this drink to emphasis the seasonal usage of the drink.

    Such a refreshing sharbath. It's new to me, bookmarked the recipe:)

    I didn't like this when I was a kid but now I have developed a taste for it. amazing pictures!

    Such a beautiful looking Nannari syrup. Your clicks are amazing.

    Nannari syrup looks so sinful with those amazing clicks.The lightening is perfect and I am just scrolling up and down to stare them.

    Lovely clicks Nalini and just seeing it is tempting me to taste some. Amazing syrup and you have nailed it.

    Nannari sharbath is a hot fav in our house but have never tried to make it at home. Will bookmark your recipe. And the snaps are awesome Nalini..

    Awesome awesome snaps .. Will look around for this root in the local Tamil market here

    My all time favorite as Gayathri said never tried at home bookmarking...

    Never tried this at home. One of my favorite sarbhat.. Amazing. Wish I could get the roots here.

    Homemade is always best, love this syrup very much, well done Nalini.

    Great choice. I had tried this once at home and we love the lemon juice with the syrup. My husband's hometown is famous for the Lassi version, which is unique to the region.

    I have never tried or even heard of this sharbat. Such a refreshing drink and the pictures have come out so great!

    I have never tasted this but looks so very inviting. The clicks make this an even more delightful post!

    never used this root before but the sharbat must be both delicious and healthy

    Fantastic clicks Nalini. and i am bookmarking this!!

    I also like nannari sarbat. Good to know that this can be made at home.

    can the syrup kept outside r should be refrigerated for later use.. if yes how long it can be kept outside and used

    Hi Sindhu,
    As there is no preservative added it needs to be refrigerated.You can store the syrup in the refrigerator for a month or two.

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