Filter Coffee /Filter Kaapi /South Indian Filter Coffee

In Journey through cuisnes in the mega BM,I am sharing the popular filter coffee for F.Finding a Tamil word with letter F is so difficult,so used the English word.
Filter coffee is one of the refreshing hot beverage consumed in most parts of Tamilnadu especially in the morning times.
The South Indian filter coffee is made by mixing the boiling milk,sugar and freshly made decoction,obtained from ground coffee powder in a coffee filter.
The taste of filter coffee depends on the quality of coffee powder used.A good quality of coffee powder has 70-80% of coffee beans and 20-30% of chicory.
The filter coffee is served frothy in a tumbler and dabara which is a tradition of Tamilnadu.
Since we drink coffee very rarely I make it using the instant coffee powder also I don't have a coffee filter.A friend of mine shared her coffee filter and the steel glass to present it in a traditional way.Since we both don't have the traditional dabara,used a small bowl to serve it.

                                                                    Filter Coffee/Filter Kaapi

   Basic Information

   Preparation time ~ 20 minutes
   Cooking time ~ 10-12 minutes
   Makes ~ 2


  For the decoction

Coffee Powder
4 tsp
3/4 -1 cup
  To make coffee

1.25 cups
2-3 tsp
4-5 tbs

  • Take the coffee powder in the top compartment of the coffee filter.The top compartment in the coffee  filter has fine holes whereas after adding the water the decoction drips to the bottom compartment.After adding the coffee powder tightly cover it with the pierced plate with stem.
  • Boil the water to a rolling boil and add it to the top compartment filled with coffee powder.Cover it with the lid and leave it undisturbed to get the decoction in bottom compartment.
  • Meanwhile boil the milk with 1/4 cup of water,if needed strain it and keep it simmer.Now in a serving glass,take the decoction and to this add the boiled milk and sugar.
  •  Pour from one tumbler to the another couple of times to get it frothy.
  • Serve it immediately.Add few drops of decoction on top of the froth.


    • The amount of decotion used here is for a medium strength coffee,add one more tsp if strong coffee is needed.
    • Use slightly thick milk to get a nice taste and do not add too much of water while boiling.
    • The amount of sugar depends on personal preference,but the coffee needs to be slightly on the bitter side.


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    My day begins with this dose...beautiful shots...

    Such a classical recipe. Looks absolutely divine...

    I love the aroma of coffee , though i am not a fan of it , i love to say lets go for coffee ! 😜. Lovely presentation .

    perfect coffee, perfect clicks :) Bhesh bhesh :) romaba nalla irukku, Nalini :)

    Love those action shots and hands shots.

    Love the clicks and coffee Nalini, I'm not a coffee drinker but love the smell of it when I make it for my hubby. Nice share:)

    Coffee na adhu filter coffee thaan! Nothing can come close to this flavor. You have finally done it and done it great!

    As sandhya said coffee na adhu filter coffee thaan, but I like any coffee, if it is filter coffee I will be very happy beautiful pictures Nalini.

    I second Sandhya and Padma.. Love the filter coffee. This time I got the coffee maker and its a huge life saver.

    I'm not a coffee drinker, but I love the aroma of fresh coffee. Lovely pics.

    Filter coffee, news paper varey vaaaa, kalakals clicks Nalini, my god,i miss this filter coffee.

    Filter coffee is a must in Tamil cuisine ,right ?It looks perfect frothy and tasty.

    A lifeline in the morning, for addicts I would say. ☺

    I remember the coffee-chicory ratios which I used to mess up in my childhood days and irritate my mom !! Lovely clicks!

    Same pinch!! I posted the same recipe yesterday, lovely clicks in your post, especially the pouring shot!

    I cannot imagine my mom's Kitchen without the filter, tumbler and davara. They needed coffee every morning and evening. my husband also need his cup of joe to get the day started. Excellent choice for the alphabet f!

    that must have been an obvious choice for the letter, it has instantaneously energised me...

    Lovely pics Nalini. Can never say NO to filter coffee and somehow getting used to this one I can never feel the satisfaction of drinking coffee if prepared with instant coffee powder.

    great shots - pics are just awesome and this would definitely my way of starting the day

    Awwww my favorite nalini!! The scintillating aroma of filter kaapi matches nothing in this world!!! Perfect aroma to wake up!!

    Filter kaapi and morning newspaper.... I can see the mylapore mamas now.... Awesome snaps...

    Lovely clicks!!!Coffee any time

    Lovely clicks. Though I am not a coffee person I can understand how the cofee lovers feel about it. No work gets started in the morning before a cup of coffee. :P

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    Ah how I love the aroma of frshly brewed filter coffee . Exactly what I need to power my mornings

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