Manathathakkali Vathal podi/Dried Black Night Shade Berry Powder

This post has been lying in my drafts since 4 months and finally today I am sharing this healthy powder.
Mathathakkali is called as black night shade both the leaves of this plant and berries are used to treat ulcer in natural medicine
These dried berries are slightly bitter in taste but it has lots of medicinal value and is used in traditional medicine.
This powder is  mixed with rice along with a dash of ghee or sesame oil and given especially in the postpartum period as it has healing property.Here is the recipe........................


Manathathakkali Vatral/dried berries1/4cup
Red chilly/varamilagai3nos.
Channa dhal/kadala paruppu1tbs
Urad dhal/uluttham paruppu 1tbs
Cumin seeds/jeeragam 1tsp
Black pepper/milagu1tsp
Curry leaves/kerivepeillai1sprig
Asafoetida/perungayama generous pinch
Saltto taste


Dry roast the red chilly,channa dhal,urad dhal,black pepper and cumin seeds in a medium flame in a pan.Then add the vatral and roast till it becomes crisp.
Let it become cool,after cooling grind it in a blender or mixie along with salt and asfoetida to a fine powder.

Store it in an air tight container.


  • This powder stays fresh and flavorful for 2 weeks.
  • Adding ghee or sesame oil is very important to reduce the bitterness and can be eaten only with hot rice.
  • The spicy level of this powder is mild for the given red chillies but can be increased to personal preference.


new to me.. thanks for sharing..

beautiful clicks dear...flavorful podi

wow wow!!! that is new to me!!! bookmarking this aromatic and healthy podi!!!
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I have never tried podi with manathakkali, this looks superb..

Delicious and lovely podi. Excellent preparation.

very interesting and healthy podi, thanks for this great recipe Nalini, will try it sometime...

Very healthy podi dear. Bookmarking

good podi to have on hand.. new to me

Very healthy podi indeed. Never prepare podi using manathakkali. Book marking your recipe and planning to try it when I get manathakkali in large quantity.

new to me n super tempting click!!...frst time here ..hapi to follow u..glad if u do d same

i never heard about this powder..very interesting...

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